Study cites low taxes

Business-tax supporters cite a new report that says Oregon has some of the nation’s lowest.

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A new report from the Council on State Taxation says Oregon is tied with Delaware and North Carolina for having the lowest business-tax burden in the nation.

Proponents of Measures 66 and 67 are citing the report as support for the recently passed tax measures.

The Oregon Center for Public Policy, which championed the tax hikes, lauded the report as evidence that business could afford to “chip in a bit more” to help the state get out of its budget hole. In fact, the Silverton-based think said Oregon would have to raise an extra $1.7 billion more from business to get to the national average, a figure that will certain raise the blood pressure of business of folks who fought against the tax increases…

Opponents, who remain at fever pitch about the tax hikes, were quick to say that Oregon’s business tax burden, as measured by the Council on State Taxation, was never really the issue.

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