Businesses team up against taxes

Big and small businesses alike are banding together to fight significant tax increases.

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Tax increases, passed by the Legislature to save education and other programs from budget cuts, have brought businesses of all sizes together to campaign against the tax laws.

Oil companies, heavy industries, farm bureaus, real estate agents, loggers, car dealers, grocers, timberland owners, and individual business owners and executives, and the various trade associations and lobbyists that represent them, have contributed at least $807,000 of the $859,000 raised by a political action committee to refer the two tax laws to the ballot and campaign for their defeat in a January election.

Jeanne Staton, the president of the Eugene-based demolition contractor Staton Companies, said she understands why the Legislature increased the corporate minimum tax, which has stood at $10 since 1931. But she said she is irked that the new minimum taxes will range from $150 to as much as $100,000, regardless of whether a company makes or loses money.

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