Robots on the Case

Artificial intelligence will make lawyers hundreds of times more efficient and give a leg up to the firms that can afford the technology.

Going Rogue

Sheer determination drove Jessica Gomez to bootstrap an electronics manufacturer that is on the cutting edge of internet-of-things technology.

Keep On Trucking

Jana Jarvis, president of the Oregon Trucking Associations, discusses why trucking jobs are not going away because of automation, and what the group is doing to attract young people to the profession.

The Shaper

Roy Kim, owner of RKm Development, talks about how he creates a sense of place through his real estate projects.  

In his father’s footsteps

The new manager of the Port of Morrow builds on a legacy of job training and diversification at Oregon’s second-largest port.

Guardians of the network

A team of tech experts sets out to build defenses against the growing threat of cybercrime.

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