Bend-based Lora DiCarlo promised to revolutionize the sex-toy industry with cutting-edge technology, feminist-friendly marketing and celebrity Cara Delevingne’s stamp of approval. In November the company abruptly shuttered. What happened?

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A Well-Crafted Plan

GrowlerWerks was poised for startup success—until a patent lawsuit threatened their flagship endeavor. Here’s how intellectual property law firm Marger Johnson set them back on course.

If the glove fits: Columbia v. Seirus sets precedent for U.S. patent law

Apparel giant Columbia Sportswear was recently awarded $3 million in a lawsuit the company filed against Seirus Innovative Accessories for infringing a patent on its Omni-Heat technology. Most news articles have centered on the financial rewards for Columbia. A lesser known story is how this case sets precedent for U.S. patent law. When a company … Read more