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Will electric vehicles in Oregon finally go mainstream?

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Oregon’s transportation crisis ‘at a tipping point’

The state’s underinvestment in transportation is at a crisis point that will force the hand of the public and private sector to consider alternative funding sources, said panelists at an Oregon Business Hot Topics, Cool Talks discussion this morning.

Entrepreneurs: Driving a new era of clean, green change

During a panel discussion held Tuesday night at the Joinery, a group of small business owners, startup executives and a developer grappled with the entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities of sustainability: how to define the term, obstacles to implementation and the need to catalyze a bold new era of clean, green leadership in Oregon.

Business Called on to Help Address Affordable Housing Crisis

The private sector needs to play a bigger role in increasing the amount of affordable housing for Portland’s low- and moderate-income residents, said panelists at a breakfast seminar hosted by Oregon Business magazine today.