Back to School

MBA programs are seeing an influx of applicants as the COVID-19 economic slowdown drives many to learn new skills or rethink their careers.

How Steve found the MBA Program which fit his needs and career goals

On a Wednesday evening, sitting outside a lab in the heart of Oregon’s Silicon Forest, Steve briefly glances at his notes to prepare for a weekend exam while he waits 5 minutes for tests to complete. He is sure to carry a copy of his notes, digital or physical, no matter where he goes for micro-study sessions like this one. For Steve, it was Wednesday nights like these which defined his MBA experience.

The Future of Business Schools

Ever since business schools opened their doors, members of the higher education community questioned their existence. Can we call business an academic discipline? What is the intellectual purpose and social utility of a business degree? Questions such as these, along with legitimate frustrations felt by non-business academics, are eloquently articulated in a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Business Schools Have No Business in the University.”