Course Correction

Ann Cudd makes her debut this fall as Portland State’s president as the school faces
the headwinds of declining enrollment, rising tuition and administrative bloat. She’s optimistic the school can persevere — and help revive Portland’s embattled downtown.

Always Hustling

In July an Oregon law went into effect allowing student athletes to be compensated for their name, image and likeness. Now the student athlete is becoming the student entrepreneur — and college sports will never be the same.

Big Moves

In 2021 Oregon’s institutions of higher ed saw major leadership shifts and headline-grabbing controversies. What’s going on?

Class of COVID-19

A spring shutdown devastated Oregon’s colleges and universities. How will they survive the financial fallout from the pandemic?

Guardians of the network

A team of tech experts sets out to build defenses against the growing threat of cybercrime.

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