Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Announces Game Changer Finalists for the 2017 OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) is pleased to announce four finalists for the 2017 OEN Tom Holce Game Changer Award. The OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards honor the skill and the courage that it takes for entrepreneurs to create a business out of an idea. The event is intended to not only celebrate entrepreneurs, but to highlight … Read more

Love is all around: A conversation with Wendy Strgar, founder of Good Clean Love

It’s been five years since Wendy Strgar and her Eugene-based sexual health startup Good Clean Love won the Tom Hulce award at the annual Oregon Entrepreneurship Network awards ceremony. (Since then, she has set up an incubator for women owned business, secured a publisher for her second book — “Sex That Works: A Woman’s Guide to Embracing the Erotic, Awakening Arousal, and Deepening Intimacy — and become a spokesperson for sustainable sexual health.)

Good Clean Love products are now available in more than 10,000 stores, from Kroger and Target, to Safeway, CVS and Whole Foods. Oregon Business spoke with Strgar about sex as a growth driver, relationship-based marketing and GCL’s new cannabis lubricant.