Outside the Box

Kevin Cavenaugh develops eye-catching projects funded by innovative financing tools. But will his art-infused buildings revitalize or gentrify the city?

Food & Style: Diego’s Spirited Kitchen, Redmond

Diego’s Spirited Kitchen  447 SW 6th St., Redmond 541-316-2002 Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m., seven days a week Owners: Maribel Santana and Pablo Peña Atmosphere: Airy with somewhat awkward feng-shui: orange-ish maroon walls broken up by brown beams in a dogleg-shaped seating area. Feels like a cross between an Italian restaurant and a Mexican joint, which … Read more

Sky High

Air-ambulance service saves lives. It also costs an arm and a leg.

Storyteller-in-chief: Katie Yellig

The co-owner of Portland’s Broth Bar narrates her career path: from Coca-Cola to cutting edge local foodie.

Launch, Startup Tip and Where They Are Now

Portland entrepreneur takes on the portable toilet Randall White is excited about toilets, toilets that offer a so-called alternative user experience, that is. “We’re looking to disrupt an industry that is ripe for disruption,” says the co-founder of Nature Commode, a startup that makes compost-based portable toilets. A veteran entrepreneur who founded the sharing-economy startup … Read more


The election of the 45th president reveals stark contrast between urban and rural Oregonians.