Hospitality POS Systems Can Now Integrate With Payroll

GNSA Has Developed A New And Unique Integration For Hospitality Businesses, Allowing Them To Automatically Move Data From Their POS System To Payroll.

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GNSA, one of several payroll providers for Hospitality businesses, has created a new one-of-a-kind integration between payroll and some of the most common POS Systems used today by hospitality businesses and restaurants around the country.

Without a POS System Integration, companies need to not only export their employee punch and time data out of their POS system but must also reformat that data so that it can be imported properly into payroll. 

“We were having many companies come to us complaining about how slow the export and reformat process is, how prone to errors it is… We knew we needed a solution.” Said Katharina Fink, President of GNSA. “To top it off, because this process is so slow and difficult to get right, we often find that only one person at each company even knows how to do it. What happens if that person quits or takes an extended leave of absence?”

Using the new Payroll and POS System Integration, hospitality companies can generate a standard report in text format from their POS System, and within two minutes the integration converts the data into the proper format for payroll, and automatically posts the data into the payroll system. 

“The integration can also pull employee information such as new hires, terms, and other changes from payroll, back into your POS. So long as your system supports that data.” Said Fink. 

Some POS Systems that GNSA is already working with today include Aloha, Toast, and SmartTabs.

“We have essentially turned this long manual process into one simple click of the button. It’s truly transformed the day-to-day lives of our hospitality clients that currently use it.’ She said.

Hospitality businesses and restaurants that are looking for more information on the new POS System integration can request a quote from GNSA today. 

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