Wind tax credit phase-out divides groups

Oregon groups are debating the pros and cons of eliminating the wind energy tax credit.

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Doing away with Oregon’s wind energy tax credit would have a negligible short-run effect on reducing the significant subsidies going to large wind farms, one report finds.

But some groups are warning of the consequences that could arise if the government tries to apply the changes retroactively.

The 13 proposed large-scale wind farms that have submitted applications for Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit would be eligible for up to $118 million in subsidies under an alternative tax credit regime proposed earlier this month by state energy and economic development officials, according to a state report. That’s just a 9 percent reduction from the $130 million in subsidies the 13 projects are eligible for under current rules…

Even so, a trade group for the renewables industry has warned the governor and key legislators that any attempt to apply changes retroactively and reduce incentives for projects that have already applied for the credits would invite lawsuits.

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