EPA/BLM dispute delays cleanup

A dispute between government agencies delays cleanup of the Formosa mine Superfund site.

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A dispute between the EPA and the BLM will delay cleanup of the Formosa mine Superfund site in Southern Oregon.

The EPA won’t go forward with the testing needed to begin cleanup on the BLM’s portion of the land without the BLM agreeing to pay for it. But the BLM won’t agree to pay, saying doing so could set a precedent and put the agency on the hook for cleanup costs estimated to run up to $50 million.

The impasse looks likely to delay testing on the BLM land and related cleanup work by at least two years, said Larry Tuttle, an activist who helped put Formosa on the Superfund list in 2007 after a 13-year battle to get it cleaned up.

Read more at the Oregonian.

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