AT&T ends T-Mobile bid

AT&T decided to scrap a $39 billion bid to takeover T-Mobile.

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AT&T decided to scrap a $39 billion bid to takeover T-Mobile, saying they couldn’t overcome opposition to become the nation’s largest cellphone service provider.

The company wanted T-Mobile’s cellular airwaves, or spectrum, to relieve its congested network and offer faster service for data-hungry devices like the iPhone.

And the deal’s end leaves T-Mobile, the weakest of the four national operators, with an uncertain future.

For the Obama administration, the collapse of the deal is confirmation that it has reinvigorated antitrust oversight that it said had become weak under its predecessor. The Justice Department took the aggressive step of suing to block the deal in late August, while the Federal Communications Commission had signaled its intent to fight the merger as well.

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