Hybrid vs. electric cars

As interest in all-electric cars rises in Oregon, many manufacturers still focus on hybrids.

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Interest in electric vehicles is charging up in Oregon. Will people still want hybrids in a few years? Manufacturers seem to think so.

Interest in electric cars is especially strong in Oregon, one of five states chosen to test the Leaf, Nissan’s plug-in electric car that reportedly will go 100 miles before needing to be recharged. The test is scheduled to begin in the Portland area as early as fall 2010, then spread to Eugene, Salem and Corvallis if successful. The state also is replacing its $1,500 tax credit for hybrid cars with an equal one for all-electric cars on Jan. 1.

But if Toyota is worried, it isn’t showing it. The Japanese manufacturer recently restyled and upgraded the Prius, making the new model larger, more powerful and more economical.

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