ReVolt to charge Oregon’s electric car industry

Swiss company ReVolt Technology says its zinc-air battery resolves some disadvantages for electric cars.

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Swiss company ReVolt Technology has chosen Portland for its U.S. heaquarters and research-and-development facility.

ReVolt’s zinc-air electric car battery is expected to last longer between charges and cost less than a lithium-ion battery, resolving the disadvantages electric cars have compared to gasoline-powered vehicles.

“We chose Portland because of its progressive stance on energy and its well-educated populace,” ReVolt CEO James McDougall said. “Our system combines the simplicity of a battery with the high energy density of a fuel cell at a low cost in a safe package using a material that is globally abundant.”

Of course, many other companies across the country, and around the world, are competing with ReVolt. And many of them, including powerful corporations like IBM and Toyota, are striving to achieve a common goal: development of a rechargeable, zinc-based battery for use in electric vehicles.

Read the whole story at the Daily Journal of Commerce.

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