Dealwatch: December 2010

The big deals, mergers and transactions of this month include new Intel plants and a new low-income apartment complex from nonprofit Macdonald Center.

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Big deals, mergers and transactions of the month:

1. Intel announced that it would invest approximately $8 billion to build a new fabrication plant and retrofit two plants in Hillsboro, and renovate two plants in Arizona. The factories will employ 800 to 1,000 people to engineer 22-nanometer chips. Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., estimates about 6,000 to 8,000 construction jobs will be created during the building. The new factory will open in 2013.

2. Beaverton-based Digimarc, a digital media and technology company, signed a $36 million licensing deal with Intellectual Ventures Management (IV) from Bellevue, Wash. Digimarc made the deal to diversify its market for proprietary technologies and increase its number of patents. Digimarc will also receive 20% of IV’s profits resulting from new licenses.

3. Hillsboro-based Lattice Semiconductor, a manufacturer of programmable logic chips announced it will reclaim $20 million in common stock next year. Lattice made the repurchase decision after hiring new CEO Darin Billerbeck. The new CEO has held executive positions at Intel, and recently was CEO of Zilog, a dealer of embedded system-on-chip products.    

4. The nonprofit Macdonald Center in Portland announced that it would demolish the West Hotel to build a $10 million 42-unit low-income apartment complex, along with facilities to provide services for the poor. The new center is partly funded by $6.3 million in federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, as well as grants and a Meyer Memorial Trust pledge.

5. Giftango, the Portland online greeting card company, ended its Series B financing with more than $5 million from Taylor Corporation, a privately held U.S. graphics communications company, and other Series A investors.