5 ways successful people kickstart the day


Are mornings the most productive part of the day?  We ask five successful executives how they get off to a good start.

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Are mornings the most productive part of the day?  We ask five successful executives how they get off to a good start.

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy | chairman, Think Shift

BalajiKrishnamurthyI wake up each morning around 6:00 AM or earlier if my flight requires me to. I’m always on my way to a new airport and a new city so I start my day by checking in with the offices. I’ll work through emails that need my attention right away, and then download emails and projects that I can dedicate my time to on the plane. When people start to see a blast of multiple long emails from me that arrive in their inboxes all at once, they know I’ve touched down in the new city.

Akbar and Megan Christi | co-owners, Seamus Golf



Our past two years have been interesting, with baby Rubi.   [Megan] commonly will respond to emails at two and three in the morning.  At 4:30, baby is up for good and it’s my turn to give Megan relief.  From 4:30-6:30, Rubi is on my lap watching Frozen or Octonauts and eating blueberries or drinking milk.  At that time, I prepare and send every social media post.  Because of the time difference, it is at this time I correspond with our mills in Scotland. Typically we’ve received orders or inquiries from Japan or Hawaii, and I will take those on at that time. On [some] Fridays, I prepare and send out our e-commerce mailer.


I usually wake up around 2 or 3 a.m., and run through a metal checklist of what needs to get done that day/week. By the time 8 or 9 rolls around, I have a plan of attack.  Sometimes I wake up with an idea for a new prototype or a few ideas to try out.  It helps me to mull it over. Reading these we probably sound a little over the top, but there is so much to keep moving forward. But we have a fantastic team now and it has helped us at least shoot off an e-mail to one of them at the early hours, then go back to sleep!

Ryan Snyder |president, Martin Hospitality

Ryan Snyder - Martin HospitalityI get up every morning around 6 a.m. and, after a cup of coffee, head out for some form of exercise, generally cardio. I love to get out on the beach and go jogging in the morning. My favorite runs are when there’s an east wind and the beach is clear as the sun comes up over the coast range.

I frequent a couple of local coffee shops, usually the friendly teams at Insomnia Coffee and Sea Level Bakery + Coffee.

Checking in on the day ahead and schedule concerns is a top priority in the morning when I’m having breakfast, as well as entertaining my kids, depending on the amount of the sleep they’ve had. I also try to look for an inspirational quote from someone I admire before the work day starts.

While getting ready, I check my messages and prepare a short list of what I need to accomplish for that day before heading out the door.

Raghu Raghavan |founder, Act-On Software

  • Raghu 3I make myself some tea (with ginger on the side).

  • I peruse my paper’s comics section.

  • I spend some time in the sports section next.

  • I read through the Wall Street Journal.

  • I check my emails.