Contractor labeled as “crook” tries for comeback

After bankruptcy left many of his projects in disarray, former general contractor Mike Purcell is working to get his reputation back.

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Mike Purcell was a reputable general contractor – responsible for major construction in the Pearl District among others – until bankruptcy forced him to leave many projects hanging. Now he is taking steps to get back into the business.

“There are people who think he’s an outright crook,” says Rosemary Willis, who provided doors and frames for several Purcell jobs. “Let’s put it this way: I would never do business with that man again.”

Now Purcell—who denies any wrondoing—tells WW he’s back, working as a project manager for EM Constructors, a limited liability company established by Purcell’s wife and licensed last week by the state. After his $10.1 million in declared debt gets resolved in bankruptcy court, Purcell says he hopes to make an even bigger comeback—once again working as a general contractor.

Read the full story at Willamette Week.

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