Congrats to Callahan’s

“Callahan’s Lodge is one of our pointed stops when in Southern Oregon.”


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Callahan’s Lodge [CALLAHAN’S IS OREGON’S PHOENIX IN THE MAKING, MAY] is one of our pointed stops when in Southern Oregon. We are blessed with being able to travel when and where we please, so we always make a point to stay, dine and visit with Ron and Donna Bergquist and the wonderful staff at Callahan’s Lodge.

From Wally in the bar to Ken at the mike, one shares the creative passions of people who do what they do for you simply because they love doing it, not because it’s their job. We should all take our hats off to Ron, Donna, Wally and the rest of the crew, for their tireless and dedicated efforts to restore a place many of us still love. The world is fortunate to have such people.

Beverly and Steele Zinser
Austin, Texas

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