Karnopp Petersen proud to be a sponsor of the Bend Energy Challenge

The official launch will be Jan. 14.

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January 14, 2015 marked the official “launch” of the Bend Energy Challenge. Karnopp Petersen is a business partner and sponsor of the Challenge which gives the community an opportunity to win $5 million to put toward energy savings and improvements.

A national competition among 50 cities; the city that reduces its energy usage the most over 2015 and 2016 will likely win. In other words, the “biggest loser” wins! The winner will be evaluated based on utility accounts for residences, the city of Bend, Bend Metro Parks and Recreation District and the Bend LaPine School District. Luckily the city, parks and school districts have indicated they are up for the Challenge, but the ability to win $5 million will really rely on individuals. The Challenge is looking for “Energy Heroes” by engaging individuals to take an “Energy Pledge.”

So why is Karnopp Petersen a sponsor? The short answer is because we live here. We believe that energy efficiency and renewable energy are ways to make our community more livable, will create family wage jobs and will help ourselves, our employees, our clients and neighbors save money and be more comfortable at home. Plus, wouldn’t it be wonderful to win $5 million to improve our city? The Challenge will provide all sorts of no and low cost energy saving tools and other ideas and information on its website  and Facebook page. If you “like” the Facebook page you’ll even be entered to win a free home energy audit! As the Challenge gets underway, KP also looks forward to sharing information and ideas here. We hope you stay tuned and take the pledge.

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