Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc. Management Review Request for Proposals

Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc., a nonprofit organization, requests written proposals for a management review to be completed by August 15, 2014. An Intent to Respond is required to submit an RFP and to participate in the conference call to address RFP questions. The Intent to Respond is due at Energy Trust no later than 3 p.m. February 21, 2014.

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In consultation with the Oregon Public Utility Commission, the Energy Trust board of directors has specified that the management review address the following five areas:

1.    Review Energy Trust administrative costs and provide recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

2.    Analyze existing methods used to allocate resources, Management and General; and General Communications and Outreach expenses to program areas to maximize productivity.

3.    Review programs operated by the Energy Trust and compare them to similar or related programs operating elsewhere and offer suggestions for enhancement and improvement.

4.    Review overall Energy Trust approach to staffing.

5.    Coordinate management review with concurrent Energy Trust draft strategic plan development.

Go to for the complete RFP and submittal requirements.