Dealer or no dealer

A Bend dealership faces closing and a region loses its cars.

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With GM sitting in bankruptcy, Bob Thomas’ dealership must quit selling GM cars by 2010. This would leave Central Oregon with only one GM dealer – the one in Madras.

Bob Thomas is still awaiting word on its appeal of GM’s decision to trim the dealership from its dealer network, which Bob Thomas says would leave Central Oregonians with only one GM dealer, in Madras, to buy GM vehicles and get their vehicles serviced under warranty.

The Bend-based GM and Honda dealer, which has been in business since 1916, would gain about $300,000 worth of incentives by signing the “wind-down agreement” and would retain its GM franchise through October 2010, said Bob Thomas, company president. Not signing it could mean the dealer would be considered part of the “old GM,” which could result in the franchise agreement being cut earlier, Thomas said.

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