Sam Adams’ 100 days

Questions about his ability to lead haunt Sam Adams.

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The mayor of Portland has been in office five months and questions remain about whether the public will accept him going forward as the intern scandal hangs over his head.

Today, Adams releases a report on his accomplishments since taking office Jan. 1. He has billed it as his 100-day agenda.

But in a departure from most politicians who use the measurement, Adams is counting 100 “business days.” His decision to discount weekends and holidays has become a minor City Hall punchline, though Adams says he usually works at least six days a week and has used the “business days” cycle to assess his goals since becoming a city commissioner in 2004.

Adams has nearly completed his lofty list — more than 140 specific actions, from creating a swarm of committees, Cabinets and task forces to initiatives aimed at reducing high school dropouts, creating jobs and fostering the arts. It will set the tone for his entire tenure, he says.

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