Consignment clothing for kids catches on

Seasonal sales are gaining popularity as parents seek deals on clothing for their growing children.

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Seasonal children’s clothing consignment sales are gaining popularity in Oregon as parents seek deals on clothing for their growing children.

The opportunity to supplement their income by selling their used clothing also attracts parents in this economy.

The sales are seasonal events — usually two or three days, twice each year — when parents can shop for gently used items, from bottles to strollers to onesies, at a discount from retail prices. The business model is similar to traditional consignment stores except it’s a one-time offering and the advertising is largely word-of-mouth. Parents bring in their children’s outgrown clothes, and the event’s organizers sell them in exchange for a commission of 20 to 30 percent.  Parents who volunteer to work at the sales can keep a higher percentage and get first pick of the merchandise.

Prices can be as much as 75 percent off retail. And unlike garage sales, the bargains can be found without scouring neighborhoods and then digging through loads of unwanted junk. At consignment sales, it’s all kids’ stuff, and it’s all in one place.


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