Customized, Supplemental 2024 100 Best Survey Questions

The 2024 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon survey includes the opportunity to supplement the traditional 100 Best survey questions with customized questions that are unique to your company.

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Do you want to target survey questions towards your specific company? Is there a new policy or procedure on which you want you want employee feedback? Do you want additional feedback from your employees?

Customized supplemental survey questions may be right for you.

How it works:

• A company must participate in our traditional 100 Best survey to be eligible for the customized survey option.

• The customized content will appear at the conclusion of the traditional 100 Best survey and will be identified as questions provided by the company.

• The customized content will not count towards the 100 Best ranking. Only the traditional 100 Best questions will be used to tabulate the results.

• Anonymity will apply to the customized portion of the survey as is does to the traditional survey.

• The customized statements will be tied to the company’s unique survey code.

• The custom statements submitted by the company must follow our current satisfaction/importance wording.

For each statement, employees rate:

• Satisfaction with the performance of their company in that area.

• How important that particular item is to their overall satisfaction.

Employees respond on a scale of -3 to +3.

Examples of customized statements:

Implementation of the new hire training provided by COMPANY NAME:

• How satisfied are you?

• How important is it?

My department head provides all resources for me to perform my duties.

• How satisfied are you?

• How important is it?

Implementation of our new overtime policy:

• How satisfied are you?

• How important is it?

Quality of services provided by COMPANY NAME:

• How satisfied are you?

• How important is it?

Ability to provide feedback to your manager.

• How satisfied are you?

• How important is it?

Examples of customized open-ended questions:

• How can we enhance your engagement in the workplace?

• If you oversaw this company, what is the first thing you would change?

• Do you feel your skills and experience are used to your full potential? Please explain.

• What motivates you to give your best at work?

What obstacles are currently in your way in achieving success at the office?

Custom survey pricing includes the following:

• Programming/setup of up to 10 additional, customized statements added to the end of the 100 Best survey.

• Programming/setup of up to 2 additional open-ended questions added to the end of the customized survey.

• 100 Best Companies Comprehensive report based on the traditional survey results.

• Additional report summarizing the results of your customized questions provided by the company, comparing satisfaction and importance.

• Additional report listing the answers to the customized open-ended questions provided by the company.


Small company (15-34 employees) $1750

Medium company (35-99 employees) $2500

Large company (100+ employees) $3250

For additional information regarding the opportunity for customized, supplemental 100 Best survey questions, please contact:

Craig Peebles, 100 Best Project Manager

[email protected]


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