Downtime with Karen Vineyard

Jason E. Kaplan

How a market executive of global commercial banking at Bank of America unwinds 

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What are you reading?  

I just finished reading Everything Happens for a Reason by Kate Bowler. It’s an interesting true story of the real-world struggles of a young, female divinity professor who battles stage IV colon cancer.

What are you watching?

I’ve probably been more interested in watching TV because of COVID, and have come to enjoy foreign shows like Lupin from France, The Last Hour from India and Ip Man from Hong Kong.

What are you listening to?

My husband is an audiophile, so we are always actively listening to music! We are currently auditioning a new pair of speakers by Alsyvox from Spain, so I am listening to many of my reference songs. I love the crispness of the piano by Mark Cohn, the deep bass by Yello, and the richness of The Planets by Holst.

What is your must-have gadget?  

I carry my iPad with me everywhere, but I really have come to love my AirPods Pro.

What are your hobbies/interests?  

There is nothing better than escaping from the world with great music and a glass of fine wine. My husband and I regularly host active-listening events at our home. The audiophile community is always sharing the intricacies of high-quality audio gear in search of the purest, most realistic sound. 

What was your childhood ambition?  

I always knew I would be in business. I think the economy is the backbone of our society and drives the quality of our lives and our community. I’ve always been fascinated by how things are made and how they end up on store shelves. My parents wanted me to become a doctor. At the time they were disappointed that I didn’t go to med school.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?   

My husband and I love to go on cycling tours. We’ve been everywhere from Moab to Vermont, to the Loire Valley and Prague. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Tuscany.

What motivates you to come to work?

My clients, the executives who run middle-market businesses, are some of the most intelligent, innovative and creative people. It’s always fascinating to hear what they’re working on and discuss with them possible ways I can help them achieve their vision.

My team is comprised of an energetic group of young professionals who share my joy in the work we do. They inspire me every day, and I strive to help them develop into tomorrow’s leaders.  

Who is your professional role model?   

My mother was an amazing woman, and became a successful businesswoman later in life. She taught me the importance of helping people. Today my top priority is helping my clients and helping my community.  Bringing value to others is the foundation of my success.

What ambitions do you still have? 

I hope to have a positive impact on the Oregon business community, through my work at Bank of America, and my work with Oregon Business and Industry. [Editor’s Note: OBI is a trade organization that is not affiliated with this publication.] Oregon needs a strong and healthy business community to thrive. 

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