Beyond the Legal Opinion with Attorneys at Jordan Ramis

Brand Story – Among many things that differentiates the law firm of Jordan Ramis PC is that they fully embrace the term “counselors at law.”

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Though that phrase might sound quaint today, it has a rich history that Steve Shropshire, a Jordan Ramis shareholder and the marketing committee’s co-chair, says still guides the firm. Counselors at law prepare legal documents and present cases as an attorney does, but they also offer advice and strategy.

“We believe that we should be partners with our clients,” says Shropshire. “Our counselor at law philosophy may be more hands-on than other firms, but we’re enthusiastic about it. Our firm’s core values are built around making sure that our clients get the practical, legal advice they need.”

steve shropshire headshot 1Steve Shropshire

The firm’s locations and their practice of regularly visiting their clients at their places of business also reflects their motto of “beyond the legal opinion.” Jordan Ramis started small, 58 years ago in Beaverton. The firm’s founders made the decision to locate their offices outside of city centers—they now have their headquarters in Lake Oswego with other offices in Bend and Vancouver, Washington, as well.  “Part of our deep client service strategy is based on accessibility to and for our clients—which includes our office locations,” Shropshire says. “But, it is the on-site visits with our clients that are most valuable.”

Those visits are part of a personal approach that provides more insight into the clients’ true needs. ”When we are able to see our clients at the places they work instead of them coming to us,” Shropshire says, “it really helps identify issues and solutions in a more holistic manner.”

The firm began as a small general practice firm. Over the years, Shropshire says, the firm developed its Dirt Law® brand, serving clients with ties to real property, including construction companies, real estate developers, and agri-businesses. “We have since honed that expertise and leveraged it into providing holistic business solutions,” he says.

After 58 years of growth, Jordan Ramis has developed into a full-service business law firm, while still maintaining close ties to the industries it has served for decades. Shropshire says their breadth and depth of industry experience allows them to offer business solutions for their clients as opposed to purely legal solutions.

“We get to know the daily business operations issues they contend with,” he says. “We meld that with our legal opinions to provide them with sound advice that really does go beyond the legal opinion.”

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