MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions and Centrix Energy Partners Create Alliance to Bring Additional Utility, Energy, and Connectivity Services to Public-Sector Customers

New partnership benefits public water districts, governments, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

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Local contractor MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions has partnered with Centrix Energy Partners LLC to leverage Centrix’ national network of energy services companies that design, develop, finance, and implement customized energy efficiency and connectivity upgrades for clients throughout the United States.

MacDonald-Miller and Centrix will combine their respective strengths and industry expertise to offer enhanced utility infrastructure and building efficiency upgrades for public-sector clients to optimize their buildings and services. This includes leveraging next-generation strategies such as smart water conservation and integrated resource management, as well as installing wireless networks for communities to improve overall connectivity to the internet. This partnership embraces the industry’s best smart technology, which includes fault detection and diagnostic analytics software, indoor air quality solutions, and automated metering systems so customers can truly understand utility costs and identify opportunities to save.
“The strength of the alliance means we have a partner with additional tools that will continue to help MacDonald-Miller and its customers improve building efficiency in aging infrastructures,” said MacDonald-Miller President Gus Simonds. “We are thrilled to partner with Centrix, the industry-recognized experts specializing in programs centered on energy-efficiency and smart tech solutions. This relationship as a Centrix regional partner opens immediate business opportunities for MacDonald-Miller and we look forward to delivering an exceptional customer experience for our existing and new clients.”
The partnership allows MacDonald-Miller to offer new services to its public-sector clients, including automated water metering technology to better account for costs and leak identification. The strategic alliance also provides MacDonald-Miller’s customers with additional vendor and ecosystem partnerships that can be easily leveraged. And customers will now be able to find MacDonald-Miller on The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), a national purchasing cooperative that streamlines the bidding process with approved vendors and enables school districts, universities, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations to hire MacDonald-Miller directly without having to conduct any additional competitive procurement.

Centrix President Mario Millonzi said, “We are honored to align ourselves with MacDonald-Miller. They are clearly one of the most knowledgeable, respected, and trusted firms in the region and we look forward to many years of success and innovation together.”

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions specializes in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. For more than 56 years, MacDonald-Miller has shaped the local landscape with buildings that operate in the most safe and efficient manner possible. As industry leaders, the company tackles the complexities of all industries – from healthcare and biotech/labs to industrial, commercial office buildings and high-rise residential projects. For more information, go to

Centrix Energy Partners LLC is a privately held network of energy services companies that designs, develops, finances, and implements customized energy efficiency and connectivity upgrades for its clients. Through a best-in-class national network of implementation companies, Centrix provides unparalleled customer service to the communities that they serve. Centrix regional partners are local experts who are committed to helping their customers succeed and are supported logistically and financially by the parent company. For more information, go to