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Brand Story – Navigating the many “what ifs” with a technology service provider you trust.

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There are a variety of IT managed service providers offering a wide range of services, but they are not all the same. Choosing the right service provider can make a big difference in enhanced operations security and improving company efficiency. And especially in today’s new remote work environment, which has left a lot of businesses with concerns and questions about what they need and what really works, the right provider is more like a crucial business partner than ever.

Portland IT managed service provider Pavelcomm, a woman-owned, family operated business since 1985, has technical answers to every “what’s next” question that so many businesses have right now. Pavelcomm has a different approach. Jonathan Simmons, Pavelcomm’s director of sales, says he never feels like someone who is incentivized to upsell or get people to spend money, even though “sales” is in his title.

IT4A1792Jonathan Simmons, Director of Sales at Pavelcomm

“I never measure my account managers based on sales numbers,” Simmons says. “They’re only incentivized to bring value to our clients through understanding their unique operational concerns and business objectives, and then helping them navigate how best to get there.” Simmons says Pavelcomm’s continual focus on the customer experience has resulted in 100% client retention. “The customer experience is where we really shine,” says Simmons. “We are a managed service provider who provides technical support, but we are a service company first. One thing that has separated us from other companies is our focus on not just providing technically sound advice, but also providing an experience that our clients enjoy at every level.”

A key part of Pavelcomm’s success is that success isn’t how they define it—it’s how their clients define it; helping their clients achieve success in a way that makes sense for them is Pavelcomm’s focus. Simmons says he thinks a lot of managed service providers may tend to miss that mark by focusing instead on being reactive to technical needs. “Our process focuses on business challenges first and removing technical barriers along the way.”

IT4A1641Pavelcomm helps clients find reliable and creative ways to stay engaged in a remote work environment.

Dave Tallbut, director of IT services, says Pavelcomm doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to technology. “Our approach to understanding each of our clients unique challenges paves the way for developing clear technology roadmaps.”

Pavelcomm recognizes that information is at everyone’s fingertips. In order to navigate the many “what ifs,” Simmons says having a technology company you trust is the most important decision a business can make, technology solutions aside. There is not always a single best solution, especially considering technology that changes on a regular basis. Pavelcomm takes a consultative approach to their recommendations.

“Now more than ever, people want to feel connected with their technology solution providers, and that’s something we excel at,” Simmons says. “Technology is continually adapting and changing, and it’s our job to stay on top of those changes and understand how our clients can leverage advancements to meet their objectives. We are also responsible for understanding their constraints and what success looks like to them.”

Simmons says the Pavelcomm team “takes a seat at the table” so that they can be partners with the businesses they work with and help them navigate sometimes choppy or uncharted water. The commitment to customer service shines through in many ways, including the fact that if you call during business hours, you get a live answer from a service technician who can immediately begin working on your issue—no call trees, no waiting, and no routing to a technician. Simmons remarks with pride that their average wait time is only three seconds.

Tallbut says “it’s not enough to be technically proficient to be hired as a technician by Pavelcomm.”

IT4A1784Dave Tallbut, Director of IT Services at Pavelcomm

“It’s relatively easy to find people that are good at solving technical problems.” he says, “Finding individuals who have a genuine care for others and a knack for solving problems is our goal. We focus on personalities that have a foundation rooted in service. Every potential new hire completes a personality assessment. Their assessment is benchmarked with our long tenured and top performing staff. It’s our mission to a create a culture of respect and positivity at Pavelcomm.”

Simmons says that thanks to those personality assessments, their whole team has a natural drive to be helpful, pleasant and friendly to communicate with. Their clients recognize and appreciate this.

“Our transition to Pavelcomm from another MSP exceeded our expectations, especially considering we had a quick timeline and some hardware issues to work around. The transition team was prompt & organized, with minimal interruption to our staff. What stands out most is the personal care that Pavelcomm exudes to us as a client; our ongoing IT needs are well supported, and we have a real partner in supporting our business as it grows.”Harmony Miller, HR Manager at GRI

IT4A1819Pavelcomm’s Office in downtown Portland

As technology evolves, work-from-home dynamics change, and the economy shifts to accommodate a new set of global risks, it’s more important than ever to be working with a business partner that supports you and seeks to achieve alignment.

“Companies need a trusted partner,” says Simmons. “Someone who will bring their experience and expertise to help navigate you toward solutions that will solve your unique business objectives. I know that every company says they want to be a partner, our mission is centered around it.”


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