A househunting phone app

A Lake Oswego real estate firm has tweaked a smart phone application to give house-hunters instant information on the run.

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Soldera Properties of Lake Oswego hopes to make the process of house-hunting more efficient and tech-savvy with a new app for iPods, iTouches and iPads.

The app aims to provide the buyer with relevant information in a quick, intuitive manner.

Say you’re driving through a neighborhood with a home for sale – click the ‘find me’ button on your device and the program will locate where you are on a map and display information about nearby homes for sale.

Or, choose a city and pull up listings for sale in your price range – and to your specifications, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms and square footage – in an area you desire before driving there.

“Red indicates that it’s for sale,” Fustolo said of a small red (house) – similar in shape to those in Monopoly board games – that appears over a listing. “You can get the price, description and 16 photos. You have a filter here that is for minimum price range and maximum price range.”

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