2020 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon

Joan McGuire

Our annual list of the companies and nonprofits with the most highly rated green workplaces. 

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Congratulations to the companies and nonprofits on the 2020 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon list. This year’s Best Green workplaces were determined by 357 companies and nonprofits that took part in two anonymous surveys: the 2019 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon and the 2020 100 Best Companies to Work For in Oregon.

Employees rated their satisfaction with and the importance they attach to 11 statements related to workplace sustainable practices, such as green mission and goals, recycling and waste reduction, support for public transit, energy and water conservation, and buying local.

Employers were also independently scored on 15 questions about their sustainability practices.

You can read more about the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon survey here.    

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1 Wagner Dental Care

Location: Portland
Website: wagnerdentalcare.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score:293.43
Dental office

2 BRING Recycling

Location: Eugene
Website: bringrecycling.org
Oregon employees: 16 | Score:289.02
Nonprofit providing education and technical assistance programs to reduce wasteful consumption

3 Mt. Ashland

Location: Ashland
Website: mtashland.com
Oregon employees: 180 | Score:282.63
Ski and recreational area

4 RHT Energy

Location: Medford
Website: rhtenergy.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score:280.48

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The heart of RHT Energy beats strong, with firmly planted roots extending our work family throughout the state to lend a helping hand to the environment through energy conservation, renewable energy production, and carbon footprint reduction.

5 American College of Healthcare Sciences

Location: Portland
Website: achs.edu
Oregon employees: 36 | Score:279.26

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Sustainability has afforded ACHS a competitive edge since 1978. It highlights us as institutional leaders and trailblazers. Our green initiatives keep costs down, increasing resources for education and broadening access to education globally. ACHS puts people and the planet first.

6 NAI Elliott

Location: Portland
Website: naielliott.com
Oregon employees: 45 | Score:279.23
Commercial real estate services provider

7 Energy 350

Location: Portland
Website: energy350.com
Oregon employees: 31 | Score:279.22
Energy-efficiency consulting firm

TIE 8 Hummingbird Wholesale

Location: Eugene
Website: hummingbirdwholesale.com
Oregon employees: 45 | Score:277.98

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Everything we do is guided by our commitment to sustainable practices. We believe that when we take care of people and the planet, long-term prosperity will follow. Congratulations to our team for making Hummingbird Wholesale one of Oregon’s 100 Best Green Workplaces!

TIE 8 Lorentz Bruun Construction

Location: Portland
Website: bruunconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 45 | Score:277.98
General construction firm

10 Rogue Creamery

Location: Central Point
Website: roguecreamery.com
Oregon employees: 53 | Score:277.72
Artisan cheese producer

11 Vernier Software & Technology

Location: Beaverton
Website: vernier.com
Oregon employees: 111 | Score:277.67

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At Vernier Software & Technology, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Our Green Team, led by two master recyclers, coordinates an extensive recycling program and takes steps to maintain and improve our LEED-EB Gold certification.

12 GreenSavers

Location: Portland
Website: greensavers.com
Oregon employees: 34 | Score:276.51
HVAC system, insulation and window installation firm

13 Green Acres Landscape

Location: Salem
Website: greenacreslandscapeinc.com
Oregon employees: 90 | Score:276.04
Landscape contractor

14 Boly:Welch

Location: Portland
Website: bolywelch.com
Oregon employees: 38 | Score:275.71
Consulting and recruiting firm

15 Bartlett Tree Experts

Location: Clackamas
Website: bartlett.com
Oregon employees: 35 | Score:275.09
Tree care company

16 Crystal Greens Landscape

Location: Clackamas
Website: crystalgreenslandscape.com
Oregon employees: 180 | Score:274.44
Landscaping firm

17 Softstar Shoes

Location: Philomath
Website: softstarshoes.com
Oregon employees: 32 | Score:273.64
Shoe manufacturer

18 Adelante Mujeres

Location: Forest Grove
Website: adelantemujeres.org
Oregon employees: 64 | Score:273.46
Nonprofit providing education and support to Latina women and families

19 Oregon Wild

Location: Portland
Website: oregonwild.org
Oregon employees: 14 | Score:270.90
Environmental nonprofit

20 LifeSource Natural Foods

Location: Salem
Website: lifesourcenaturalfoods.com
Oregon employees: 114 | Score:270.51
Natural foods grocery store

21 Hartmann&Forbes

Location: Tualatin
Website: hartmannforbes.com
Oregon employees: 54 | Score:270.45

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For over 20 years Hartmann&Forbes has been continually seeking ways to minimize their impact throughout their harvesting, weaving and finishing processes, as well as drive change within our industry. It’s their journey to a sustainable way of doing business.

22 Pacific Landscape Management

Location: Hillsboro
Website: pacscape.com
Oregon employees: 275 | Score:270.19

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We have been working to improve the sustainability of commercial landscaping and landscape management services for over a decade and are proud to have been on the list of Oregon’s greenest companies since its inception. Our team are environmentalists at heart as that is the basis of our love of working and managing the outdoor green spaces throughout the Portland Metropolitan area.

23 Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors

Location: Portland
Website: ecologyoutdoors.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score:269.82
Nonprofit providing ecology lessons and field trips to K-12 students

24 Ninkasi Brewing Company

Location: Eugene
Website: ninkasibrewing.com
Oregon employees: 92 | Score:269.81
Craft brewery

25 ZGF Architects

Location: Portland
Website: zgf.com
Oregon employees: 266 | Score:269.76
Design and architecture firm

26 PAE Consulting Engineers

Location: Portland
Website: pae-engineers.com
Oregon employees: 232 | Score:269.50

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PAE is honored to make the list for the 12th year in a row! Our people say it best: “PAE’s commitment to people and planet shows in nearly everything we do. The firm doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.”

27 Systems West Engineers

Location: Springfield
Website: systemswestengineers.com
Oregon employees: 37 | Score:266.80
Consulting and engineering firm

28 Earth Advantage

Location: Portland
Website: earthadvantage.org
Oregon employees: 23 | Score:266.67
Nonprofit providing training, certifications, research and product development

29 Sussman Shank

Location: Portland
Website: sussmanshank.com
Oregon employees: 68 | Score:266.39
Law firm

30 Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth

Location: Portland
Website: www.rizzopc.com
Oregon employees: 18 | Score:265.69
Legal services firm

31 Virtual Supply

Location: Beaverton
Website: virtual-supply.com
Oregon employees: 54 | Score:265.26
Internet fulfillment and wholesale distribution firm

32 Cascades Academy

Location: Bend
Website: cascadesacademy.org
Oregon employees: 41 | Score:264.45
Nonprofit school

33 Green Hammer

Location: Portland
Website: greenhammer.com
Oregon employees: 27 | Score:264.12
Design-build firm

34 Sunnyside Sports

Location: Bend
Website: sunnysidesports.com
Oregon employees: 24 | Score:263.64
Bicycle and cross-country ski shop

35 Barran Liebman

Location: Portland
Website: barran.com
Oregon employees: 41 | Score:263.44

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Barran Liebman is proud to do its part to help keep Oregon green while supporting Oregon employers with timely labor, employment, benefits, and higher education advice. Business re-opening guidance and solutions for COVID-19 workplace challenges can be found at www.barran.com.

36 Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Location: Portland
Website: b-e-f.org
Oregon employees: 20 | Score:262.85
Environmental nonprofit

37 Sponsors

Location: Eugene
Website: sponsorsinc.org
Oregon employees: 46 | Score:262.40
Nonprofit provider of outpatient mental health and addiction treatment

38 Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Location: Portland
Website: jvcnorthwest.org
Oregon employees: 21 | Score:261.74
Volunteer placement provider

39 NW Staffing Resources

Location: Portland
Website: nwstaffing.com
Oregon employees: 24 | Score:260.67
Recruiting and outsourcing services firm

40 The Environmental Center

Location: Bend
Website: envirocenter.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score:260.57
Environmental nonprofit

41 Children’s Center

Location: Oregon City
Website: childrenscenter.cc
Oregon employees: 26 | Score:260.40
Provider of child abuse assessment, treatment and prevention

42 Swinerton

Location: Portland
Website: swinerton.com
Oregon employees: 105 | Score:259.96
General contractor

43 Nossa Familia Coffee

Location: Portland
Website: nossacoffee.com
Oregon employees: 43 | Score:259.62
Coffee retailer and wholesaler

44 The Cupcake Girls Portland

Location: Portland
Website: thecupcakegirls.org
Oregon employees: 63 | Score:259.44
Nonprofit providing sex industry and trafficking case management


Location: Lake Oswego
Website: ayumetrix.com
Oregon employees: 15 | Score:259.37
Clinical laboratory

46 PlanB Consultancy

Location: Lake Oswego
Website: planbconsult.net
Oregon employees: 39 | Score:259.28
Consulting company

47 Ruffwear

Location: Bend
Website: ruffwear.com
Oregon employees: 37 | Score:258.29
Outdoor gear manufacturer for dogs

48 AnywhereWorks

Location: Portland
Website: anywhereworks.com
Oregon employees: 74 | Score:258.15
Software company

49 Portland YouthBuilders

Location: Portland
Website: pybpdx.org
Oregon employees: 31 | Score:257.06
Alternative high school for low-income youth

50 The Joinery

Location: Portland
Website: thejoinery.com
Oregon employees: 32 | Score:257.01
Furniture maker

51 Northwest Family Services

Location: Portland
Website: nwfs.org
Oregon employees: 85 | Score:256.73
Social services nonprofit

52 Sokol Blosser Winery

Location: Dundee
Website: sokolblosser.com
Oregon employees: 49 | Score:256.65
Vineyard, winery and tasting room

53 Living Room Realty

Location: Portland
Website: livingroomre.com
Oregon employees: 23 | Score:256.37

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We believe in using business as a force for good by supporting the local community and local businesses. We believe in people and their stories. We are dedicated where possible to buying 100% renewable energy, recycling, and buying local.

54 ThinkShout

Location: Portland
Website: thinkshout.com
Oregon employees: 31 | Score:256.14
Digital agency

55 Friends of Trees

Location: Portland
Website: friendsoftrees.org
Oregon employees: 35 | Score:255.81
Tree-planting nonprofit

56 Free Geek

Location: Portland
Website: freegeek.org
Oregon employees: 43 | Score:255.80
Recycler of computers and e-waste

57 Energy Trust of Oregon

Location: Portland
Website: energytrust.org
Oregon employees: 110 | Score:254.32
Energy-efficiency consulting nonprofit

58 Forth

Location: Portland
Website: forthmobility.org
Oregon employees: 20 | Score:254.17
Nonprofit advocating for electric transporation and shared mobility

59 JLL

Location: Portland
Website: us.jll.com
Oregon employees: 350 | Score:254.16
Commercial real estate firm

60 Meals on Wheels People

Location: Portland
Website: mowp.org
Oregon employees: 125 | Score:254.07
Nonprofit providing meals to seniors

61 Hopworks Urban Brewery

Location: Portland
Website: hopworksbeer.com
Oregon employees: 96 | Score:253.79

62 Mad Fish Digital

Location: Portland
Website: madfishdigital.com
Oregon employees: 17 | Score:252.78
Marketing agency

63 Cushman & Wakefield

Location: Portland
Website: cushmanwakefield.com
Oregon employees: 101 | Score:252.74
Commercial real estate services firm

64 Elephants Delicatessen

Location: Portland
Website: elephantsdeli.com
Oregon employees: 410 | Score:252.28
Retail delicatessen

65 Oregon’s Finest

Location: Portland
Website: oregons-finest.com
Oregon employees: 29 | Score:252.17
Recreational cannabis dispensary

66 ReBuilding Center

Location: Portland
Website: rebuildingcenter.org
Oregon employees: 31 | Score:251.28
Thrift store and community education center

67 Rich Duncan Construction

Location: Salem
Website: richduncanconstruction.com
Oregon employees: 30 | Score:250.68
General contractor

68 Gee Automotive/Tonkin

Location: Milwaukie
Website: geeautomotive.com
Oregon employees: 769 | Score:250.51

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We are proud and delighted to be honored as one of the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon.  Our goal is to continually improve our footprint to keep Oregon the beautiful state it continues to be.

69 Evergreen Consulting Group

Location: Beaverton
Website: evergreen-efficiency.com
Oregon employees: 54 | Score:250.24

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Using Business as a Force for Good.

70 Tucker Maxon School

Location: Portland
Website: tuckermaxon.org
Oregon employees: 32 | Score:249.92
Nonprofit independent school

71 Pepper Foster Consulting

Location: Portland
Website: pepperfoster.com
Oregon employees: 30 | Score:249.49
Consulting firm

72 Tec Laboratories

Location: Albany
Website: teclabsinc.com
Oregon employees: 47 | Score:249.43
Pharmaceutical manufacturer

73 Wild Salmon Center

Location: Portland
Website: wildsalmoncenter.org
Oregon employees: 17 | Score:249.29
Wild salmon conservation nonprofit

74 Point B Management Consultants

Location: Portland
Website: pointb.com
Oregon employees: 56 | Score:248.98
Management consulting firm

75 IDX

Location: Eugene
Website: idxbroker.com
Oregon employees: 58 | Score:248.85
Software company

76 Childpeace Montessori School

Location: Portland
Website: childpeace.org
Oregon employees: 75 | Score:248.34
Montessori school

77 Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity

Location: Bend
Website: bendredmondhabitat.org
Oregon employees: 25 | Score:248.15
Affordable-housing developer

78 The Dougy Center

Location: Portland
Website: dougy.org
Oregon employees: 18 | Score:247.35
Social services nonprofit

79 Urban League of Portland

Location: Portland
Website: ulpdx.org
Oregon employees: 50 | Score:246.94
Civil rights nonprofit

80 Opus Interactive

Location: Hillsboro
Website: opusinteractive.com
Oregon employees: 21 | Score:246.61

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Founded in 1996, Opus Interactive is a woman-owned enterprise with Tier III+ datacenters in Hillsboro, Portland, Dallas, and Virginia. Opus helps customers reduce cost and optimize workloads with hybrid cloud & IaaS, colocation, DRaaS, object storage, VDI, and cloud monitoring & management backed by PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FedRAMP Moderate Ready compliance.

81 Oregon Restoration

Location: Tigard
Website: oregonrestoration.com
Oregon employees: 28 | Score:246.59
Restoration and construction firm

82 Mt. Hood Meadows

Location: Mt. Hood
Website: skihood.com
Oregon employees: 190 | Score:246.54
Ski resort

83 Wauna Credit Union

Location: Clatskanie
Website: waunafcu.org
Oregon employees: 106 | Score:246.32
Credit union

84 Essex General Construction

Location: Eugene
Website: essexgc.com
Oregon employees: 72 | Score:246.20
Commercial general contractor

85 Adroit Construction

Location: Ashland
Website: adroitbuilt.com
Oregon employees: 100 | Score:245.45
Commercial construction firm

86 Bethlehem Inn

Location: Bend
Website: bethleheminn.org
Oregon employees: 28 | Score:245.30
Homeless advocacy nonprofit

87 Summit Bank

Location: Eugene
Website: sbko.bank
Oregon employees: 92 | Score:244.76

Sponsored enhanced listing: 500pxSummitBankPhoto

Summit Bank is dedicated to helping Oregonians. That means supporting our colleagues, communities, and the planet for generations to come. We are so honored and more motivated than ever to appear amongst the greatest green companies in Oregon.

88 Mazama Media

Location: Bend
Website: mazamamedia.com
Oregon employees: 19 | Score:244.60
Digital marketing agency

89 Mazamas

Location: Portland
Website: mazamas.org
Oregon employees: 160 | Score:244.53
Provider of educational, activity and conservation programs

TIE 90 Matrix Networks

Location: Portland
Website: matrixnetworks.com
Oregon employees: 21 | Score:243.65
Technology services provider

TIE 90 Wayfair

Location: Springfield
Website: wayfair.com
Oregon employees: 235 | Score:243.65
Online e-commerce company

92 Centro Latino Americano

Location: Eugene
Website: centrolatinoamericano.org
Oregon employees: 31 | Score:243.38
Social services nonprofit for Latinos

93 Maul Foster & Alongi

Location: Portland
Website: maulfoster.com
Oregon employees: 61 | Score:243.08
Professional consulting services firm

94 Rose Villa

Location: Portland
Website: rosevilla.org
Oregon employees: 180 | Score:242.99
Continuing-care retirement community

95 JE Dunn Construction

Location: Portland
Website: jedunn.com
Oregon employees: 126 | Score:242.61

Sponsored enhanced listing: 500pxJE DunnConstructionPhoto

JE Dunn strives to be an industry leader in environmental responsibility and in innovative and sustainable workplaces. Congratulations to our employees for their continued commitment to sustainable practices.

96 Work & Co

Location: Portland
Website: work.co
Oregon employees: 58 | Score:242.55
Design and technology firm

97 HomePlate Youth Services

Location: Beaverton
Website: homeplateyouth.org
Oregon employees: 13 | Score:242.12
Youth homeless advocacy nonprofit

98 Watson Creative

Location: Portland
Website: watsoncreative.com
Oregon employees: 25 | Score:241.45
Design and marketing firm

99 Logos Public Charter School

Location: Medford
Website: logoscharter.com
Oregon employees: 74 | Score:241.37
K-12 public charter school

100 Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

Location: Portland
Website: olshf.org
Oregon employees: 27 | Score:241.28
Social services nonprofit