Power Couple: Steven Lightman & Megan Davis Lightman

Steven and Megan Davis Lightman

We chat with Southern Oregon power couple Steven Lightman and Megan Davis Lightman.

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Steven Lightman
President, Harry & David
Born Long Island, New York

Megan Davis Lightman
CEO, Davis Consulting Group
Member of Southern Oregon Leadership Council
Board of trustees, Southern Oregon University
Born Tulsa, Oklahoma

How we met
On a blind date at a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, 2009
S.L.: “We felt a connection right away. Megan is a beautiful woman, and we had a lot in common. We hit it off right away.”
M.D.L.: “I thought he was smart and composedand had an interesting background. He was pretty nice to look at, too.”

S.L.: “We were sitting in the backyard of my home in Tucson, watching the sun go down over the swimming pool, and I proposed to Megan.”
M.D.L.: “It was a beautiful setting with a beautiful man offering me a beautiful future.”


Ventana Canyon, Arizona |Thanksgiving weekend, 2010

S.L.: “It was a small wedding, but that is still about 100 people. We did the ceremony outdoors in the mountains.”
M.D.L.: “This is a late-in-life marriage for us. We wanted to have a small ceremony. We had the rehearsal dinner in our backyard in Tucson.”

Jason (28), Lindsay (30), Nicole (32)


S.L.: “We read books. We go for hikes. We like to exercise. We have a gym in the house.”
M.D.L.: “We both play golf. We are active swimmers. We like to take beach vacations. We travel.”

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“Last year we were in Newport Beach, California. We have gone to the Cayman Islands; we did a Seabourn cruise of the inner Alaska waterways. We have a home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we go to play golf and exercise.”

0120PC PetdogParker

Life in Southern Oregon
S.L.: “We have a great big Goldendoodle. He loves to go out on walks. We live in a lovely neighborhood in the foothills in Medford. We have gone rafting on the Rogue River several times. We go to a lot of community events. We sponsor a lot of things. We have been able to keep ourselves busy.”

Marital dynamic
S.L.: “We have a mutual respect for one another. We don’t yell and scream. We handle issues that come up by sitting down and talking about it. We are very in tune with one another. If one us has had a hard day, the other one picks up the slack in the evening. And vice versa.”
M.D.L.: “There is a lot of give and take on both sides. We really value our partner’s point of view. Steve has a natural advisor in me, and I have one in him. We handle most major decisions together.”

0120PC leadershipinturbulenttimes

What I’m reading
M.D.L.:Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin”
S.L.: “I am a murder-mystery-spy kind of guy. All the John Grisham books. I find it to be a great escape from day-to-day stress.”

S.L.: “To start to think about working a little less, to sit on some boards, learn more activities, spend more time with Megan. And maybe slow down a bit. For me, slowing down means going from 14-hour days to 12-hour days.”
M.D.L.: “We want to be able to stay engaged professionally in some capacity — that may be sitting on private- or public-company boards. And staying engaged philanthropically. It has started to get to the time when we want to do things in the sunshine more, maybe take more J.K: long weekends. Maybe take more time to enjoy life instead of just working all the way through it.”

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