2019 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon

Find out which nonprofits made it into our annual ranking of the best employers to work for in the state.

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Welcome to the 2019 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon list. Now in its 11th year, the list showcases nonprofits that are at the top of their game in creating rewarding workplaces for employees.

The following list includes descriptions of the workplace attributes that make these nonprofits the best employers to work for in Oregon. This year’s list is made up of the top 34 large nonprofits, and top 33 medium and small nonprofits.  

Congratulations to all those organizations that became a best nonprofit to work for this year.

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1. Baker Charter Schools

Location: Portland
Website: bakercharters.org
Oregon employees: 127 | Score: 620.11
Transparency is the guiding principle at this educational organization. All employees are kept in the loop on budget, technology, transitions and challenges. Managers have an open-door policy that encourages feedback. Staff feel their opinions are valued. “Our administration listens to us and allows us to have a say in things.”

2. Adelante Mujeres

Location: Forest Grove
Website: adelantemujeres.org
Oregon employees: 64 | Score: 609.34
Employees appreciate that values and mission are clear and well-communicated at the nonprofit, which works to empower Latina women and their families. “Everyone lives and breathes the mission,” says one staffer. Employees trust managers, who work closely with the team and encourage training. The flexible work schedule is a hit with staff too.

3. Logos Public Charter School

Location: Medford
Website: logoscharter.com
Oregon employees: 74 | Score: 600.65
Staff like that this charter school is not afraid to be innovative and try new things. Employees love the flexibility and autonomy to organize their own work hours and curriculum. During staff meetings, employees are encouraged to give input and feel their ideas are listened to. “There is a constant forward-minded, positive progression here.”

4. Self Enhancement

Location: Portland
Website: selfenhancement.org
Oregon employees: 329 | Score: 600.34
An inclusive environment and standards that hold people to a high degree of integrity contribute to the well-being of staff at this organization, which works with underserved youth. “Our culture is welcoming and empowering,” says one staffer. “Every day I go to work, I feel loved and genuinely cared about.”

5. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon and SW Washington

Location: Portland
Website: rmhcoregon.org
Oregon employees: 53 | Score: 597.42
Mission stays at the forefront of employees’ minds. Time is set aside at each meeting to share stories and remind staff of why they do what they do. Generous paid time off, paid volunteer hours and annual TriMet passes are a boon too. Staff appreciate the focus on cross-training and career coaching.

6. Metropolitan Family Service

Location: Portland
Website: metfamily.org
Oregon employees: 92 | Score: 595.14
Efforts to promote diversity through hiring have not gone unnoticed at this social services nonprofit. Staff like the opportunities to progress professionally and the flexibility to work remotely. A supportive workplace adds to the feel-good factor. “I feel fortunate on my immediate team to be able to make mistakes and learn from them.”

7. Rainbow Adult Living

Location: Portland
Website: rainbowadultliving.org
Oregon employees: 55 | Score: 595.07
A diverse workforce and system of promotion, which allows staff to take on management-level positions, are ingrained in the culture at this nonprofit serving adults with developmental disabilities. Staff also appreciate good pay and benefits. “It is great to work for an organization that actually pays its employees what we should be paid for the kind of work we do.”

8. Life Flight Network

Location: Aurora
Website: lifeflight.org
Oregon employees: 230 | Score: 590.67
Employees swear by the generous pay and benefits at this air and ground medical transport organization. Best-in-class health insurance and generous pay increases keep staffers happy. And don’t forget about furry friends – pet insurance and time off for pet bereavement are on offer. Staffers look up to the CEO, whom they describe as open and transparent.

9. Meals on Wheels People

Location: Portland
Website: mowp.org
Oregon employees: 125 | Score: 590.54
Employees and volunteers receive daily free lunch and opportunities to earn additional paid days off for participation in wellness activities. Staff feel their opinions count. “Each staff member is given an equal opportunity to weigh in on minor details as well as our five-year strategic plan,” says one staffer. A recent increase in pay and vacation went down well.

10. Emerald People’s Utility District

Location: Eugene
Website: epud.org
Oregon employees: 84 | Score: 584.51
This publicly owned electric utility provides top-class health coverage: the employer pays full cost of premiums. The pension plan is also fully paid by the utility. One staffer describes the workforce as “highly empowered.” Employees have a say in decision-making and strategy.

11. Capital Manor

Location: Salem
Website: capitalmanor.com
Oregon employees: 230 | Score: 581.48
Continued education, training and personal growth are a focus at this continuous care retirement community. “I love that I have the opportunity to earn a scholarship for school,” says one employee. Another loves the teamwork. “I have never felt part of the team as much as I do here.” Wellness incentives, Christmas party and bonuses go down well too.

12. Rose Villa

Location: Portland
Website: rosevilla.org
Oregon employees: 180 | Score: 580.74
Wellness is a mantra at this senior living retirement community. All employees have free access to the on-site aquatics center. Meditation, yoga and circuit-training classes are on offer. Employees can eat subsidized meals at the on-site restaurant. “Employees have the support to share their ideas and voice concerns no matter the level.”

13. Willamette Valley Hospice

Location: Salem
Website: wvh.org
Oregon employees: 102 | Score: 579.75
A full suite of health and life insurance benefits are provided at this end-of-life care provider. Employees can donate paid time off to those in need. Transparent management “has built trust and clarity into our mission,” says a staffer. “The upper management really takes time to listen to our concerns and works to find a solution,” says another.

14. Pathway Enterprises

Location: Medford
Website: pathway-inc.org
Oregon employees: 145 | Score: 578.75
Employees go through a training program before they start work at this nonprofit that supports adults with disabilities. Career development is fostered and encouraged. Approachable managers and employee autonomy to make decisions contribute to the positive vibe. Generous health benefits are a boon too.

15. Bridgeway Recovery Services

Location: Salem
Website: bridgewayrecovery.com
Oregon employees: 150 | Score: 578.15
Subsidized healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on-site at this social services nonprofit. Employees appreciate the passion that everyone has for the work and the family-feel atmosphere. Flexibility to balance work and family are a bonus. “We have freedom to think outside the box, and I always feel supported.”

16. ALSO

Location: Portland
Website: alsoweb.org
Oregon employees: 276 | Score: 576.74
Open-door policy and strong communication are the name of the game at this nonprofit supporting people with developmental disabilities. A “suggestions box” was recently installed for employees to share thoughts on how to improve, and a “Mic Night” for staff to talk about what is on their mind builds on the positive vibe.

17. Independent Environments

Location: Eugene
Website: ieihomes.org
Oregon employees: 120 | Score: 573.62
Generous paid time off and training opportunities make staff feel appreciated at this organization that supports people with disabilities. “I appreciate that management and the people at admin check in on staff regularly to see how they are doing,” an employee says. Another loves the constant feedback. “I feel heard by my supervisors.”

18. Mt. Ashland Association

Location: Ashland
Website: mtashland.com
Oregon employees: 180 | Score: 569.59
Employees at this nonprofit, which runs the Mt. Ashland ski area, enjoy free access to the ski facilities, including rental equipment and lessons. Staffers treat each other like “family” and enjoy the teamwork. Employees can participate in the Oregon Saves state-run retirement program – a rare benefit for seasonal workers. A free shuttle to work rounds out the perks.

19. Energy Trust of Oregon

Location: Portland
Website: energytrust.org
Oregon employees: 110 | Score: 568.86
This energy conservation nonprofit has made strides with its commitment to improving equity, diversity and inclusion with the creation of a diversity advisory council. Employees appreciate the teamwork ethic, open-minded leaders and dedication to the mission. “There is a general sense of autonomy built into our environment and culture.”

20. Childpeace Montessori School

Location: Portland
Website: childpeace.org
Oregon employees: 75 | Score: 568.73
Leadership support for professional development and a strong sense of mission are what keep employees happy at this educational institution. “The environment at Childpeace is one of inclusive diversity,” says one staffer. Special benefits include tuition benefits, funds for trainings and TriMet passes.

21. Lines for Life

Location: Portland
Website: linesforlife.org
Oregon employees: 109 | Score: 567.45
This mental health support nonprofit walks the talk of its mission when it comes to benefits. The organization upgraded its employee assistance program to include face-to-face counseling and reimbursement for mental health service costs. Activities outside of work such as kayaking, hiking and picnics encourage teamwork and bonding.

22. Urban League of Portland

Location: Portland
Website: ulpdx.org
Oregon employees: 50 | Score: 565.59
Opportunities to serve the community, travel, advance career and learn new skills are part of the draw at this nonprofit serving the African American community. A supportive leadership creates a positive atmosphere. Free Blazers and movie tickets are a perk too.

23. NeighborImpact

Location: Redmond
Website: neighborimpact.org
Oregon employees: 186 | Score: 565.50
Workers enjoy a generous suite of benefits at this organization that helps low-income people in Central Oregon. Perks include pet insurance, gym discounts, free will preparation and free attorney referrals. One employee appreciates that the nonprofit respects “our roles not just as employees but as people with our own families and responsibilities beyond work.”

24. Living Opportunities

Location: Medford
Website: livingopps.org
Oregon employees: 169 | Score: 564.13
Employees feel listened to at this organization serving people with disabilities. A recent wage increase for non-executive-level employees boosted morale. “We asked for higher wages and we got them!” says one satisfied staffer. Another likes that workers have the autonomy to “try new things, develop and innovate to provide the best services.”

25. HIV Alliance

Location: Eugene
Website: hivalliance.org
Oregon employees: 70 | Score: 562.57
Flexibility to take time off when needed, accessible managers, and opportunities to grow and stay challenged keep employees happy at this nonprofit. Staffers feel empowered to share their thoughts and opinions without judgment. “I have never known a place that works to support all people in the organization on an equal playing field.”

26. Wallace

Location: Portland
Website: mywallace.org
Oregon employees: 64 | Score: 562.05
Support for professional growth and genuine belief shared by staff in the organization’s mission are recipes for success at this nonprofit that provides low-cost and free health and dental care. Efforts to increase pay equity and setting realistic goals to prevent employee burnout are part of the draw.

27. Cascade Health

Location: Eugene
Website: cascadehealth.org
Oregon employees: 222 | Score: 561.85
Managers have an open-door policy that creates a transparent and supportive atmosphere at this health care nonprofit. One employee describes the work environment as like “family” and enjoys the teamwork. Another appreciates the “adherence to strong values clearly stated in the mission.”

28. Northwest Family Services

Location: Portland
Website: nwfs.org
Oregon employees: 85 | Score: 561.63
Personal and professional growth opportunities abound at this social services nonprofit. “They do a great job of providing training,” says one staffer. A friendly and open work environment keeps employees coming back. “I feel welcomed and supported by all staff from executive director to the receptionist,” says another.

29. Trauma Intervention Program

Location: Portland
Website: tipnw.org
Oregon employees: 153 | Score: 558.29
A strong training program helps this volunteer-led organization thrive. A monthly roster of speakers helps maintain skills and allows staffers and volunteers to share best practices. Workers feel valued in this well-run nonprofit that provides help to survivors of trauma. “As a volunteer, I feel completely supported.”

30. Willamette Family

Location: Eugene
Website: wfts.org
Oregon employees: 240 | Score: 556.34
Employees feel like they are part of a “family” at this organization providing mental health and addiction services. Staffers love the caring and supportive work environment. “I know if I needed to talk, I could walk up to anyone, including the executive director, and they would have time.” Solid benefits, including free gym membership, are part of the appeal.

31. Partnerships in Community Living

Location: Monmouth
Website: pclpartnership.org
Oregon employees: 700 | Score: 553.39
Employees appreciate how this nonprofit is focused on its mission of helping people with developmental disabilities. A family-friendly organization with good benefits rounds out the feel-good factor. “They work hard to help us balance our work and family life,” says an employee.

32. College Housing Northwest

Location: Portland
Website: chnw.org
Oregon employees: 52 | Score: 547.41
Employee self-care is a priority at this student services organization. Unlimited sick time, a fitness and wellness stipend, and 40 hours of paid time off for educational pursuits are part of a full roster of benefits. TriMet pass reimbursement and an alternate transportation stipend go down well too.

33. CareOregon

Location: Portland
Website: careoregon.org
Oregon employees: 792 | Score: 546.84
A broad suite of benefits are on offer at this nonprofit insurer that provides health services to low-income residents. Disability insurance, TriMet passes, wellness activity reimbursement and tuition assistance are just part of the package. Flexible hours, generous paid time off and group events, add to the feel-good atmosphere.

34. Ride Connection

Location: Portland
Website: rideconnection.org
Oregon employees: 96 | Score: 544.91
A supportive environment that strives to include diverse people and opinions is how one staffer describes working for this transportation services organization. Managers encourage staff to share their thoughts on the running of the organization. This recently led to an improved health plan and salary increases.


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1. Summit Learning Charter

Location: Eagle Creek
Website: summitlearningcharter.org
Oregon employees: 37 | Score: 637.47
At this charter school, flexible work schedules are the name of the game. Employees with children can arrange their hours to meet family obligations. Teachers also enjoy autonomy to teach subjects they are passionate about. “I feel well taken care of,” says a staffer.

2. Inclusion

Location: Portland
Website: inclusioninc.org
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 620.61
This organization serving adults with developmental disabilities provides an array of benefits to promote employee wellness. Unlimited paid time off, paid parental leave, fully paid health insurance and a generous retirement plan are part of the package. Quarterly in-office massage therapy is popular too.

3. Children’s Center

Location: Oregon City
Website: childrenscenter.cc
Oregon employees: 26 | Score: 615.79
Staff camaraderie stands out at this nonprofit that works with the community to prevent child abuse. “The people I get to work with every day are the most impressive and inspiring people I know,” says a staffer. Another commends the pleasant work space and opportunities to further education.

4. Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

Location: Portland
Website: olshf.org
Oregon employees: 27 | Score: 612.45
Employees are given freedom to manage programs at this nonprofit that provides low-cost eyewear and hearing aids. Generous paid time off and solid health benefits contribute to the feeling of employee well-being. “Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.”

5. Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity

Location: Bend
Website: bendredmondhabitat.org
Oregon employees: 25 | Score: 610.66
Employees are true believers in the mission of this affordable housing provider. A strong and close-knit team also means staffers are happy to come to work. “We have each other’s backs, and even when we have an inevitable rough day, week or month, we are there for each other,” says one contented staffer.

6. Parenting With Intent

Location: Portland
Website: parentingwithintent.org
Oregon employees: 30 | Score: 607.90
Staffers are given the flexibility to create their own schedules and work from home or in the office. Continued education and training are also encouraged, with an average of four hours a month of in-house trainings provided. “We are paid well, encouraged to bring ideas to the table and have the support to bring those ideas to fruition.”

7. Earth Advantage

Location: Portland
Website: earthadvantage.org
Oregon employees: 23 | Score: 606.21
Twelve weeks of paid parental leave is one of the welcome benefits at this nonprofit that advocates for sustainable practices in the building sector. A starting benefit of five weeks’ paid time off also goes down well with staff. The nonprofit has also made efforts to make its board and organization more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

8. B’nai B’rith Camp

Location: Beaverton
Website: bbcamp.org
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 603.28
This youth summer camp offers employees’ children and relatives an opportunity to take part in all its programs. Staffers enjoy an attractive work environment of lakefront acreage. Advancement opportunities, coaching and travel opportunities are also part of the appeal.

9. Creative Supports

Location: Medford
Website: creativesupports.org
Oregon employees: 26 | Score: 602.79
One staffer loves the “diverse, supportive and fun team that makes it a pleasure to come into the office each day.” The family feel of the organization, which helps people with developmental disabilities, creates a positive work environment and sense of teamwork. Transparency over decisions is also appreciated.

10. Full Access

Location: Eugene
Website: fullaccess.org
Oregon employees: 24 | Score: 601.74
Infants and dogs are welcome at this nonprofit assisting people with developmental disabilities. Monthly birthday celebrations, paid cell phones for staff and “appreciation awards” are some of the perks. Flexible work schedules and a recent wage increase go down well with staff too.

11. Portland YouthBuilders

Location: Portand
Website: pybpdx.org
Oregon employees: 24 | Score: 600.90
Staff are given the opportunity to provide input on policy and key decisions at this nonprofit serving low-income youth. Employees have plenty of chances for professional development, including participating in workshops and trainings. Thirty-five vacation days, plus paid holidays, are a boon too.

12. Cascades Academy

Location: Bend
Website: cascadesacademy.org
Oregon employees: 41 | Score: 599.52
Employees have access to a free salad bar for lunch and low-cost wellness classes at this pre-K-to-12 school. An “incredible” campus and staff autonomy in operational decisions are part of the attraction of working here. “It is a wonderful community to be part of,” says a staffer. Another applauds the “approachable” administrators.

13. Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Location: Portland
Website: b-e-f.org
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 597.86
Employees enjoy access to a free gym, a secure bike room and an early-start Friday happy hour at this environmental nonprofit. “Outstanding” benefits and good pay keep employees coming back. “I am impressed with everyone’s interest and commitment to our learning and growth to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.”

14. Dogs for Better Lives

Location: Central Point
Website: dogsforbetterlives.org
Oregon employees: 39 | Score: 593.14
Staff feel trusted to get their jobs done at this nonprofit that rescues and trains dogs to help and enhance people’s lives. A strong sense of mission and managers’ openness to new ideas contribute to the overall positive atmosphere. Solid benefits, including a fully paid health plan, and generous paid time off are welcome too.

15. Project Access NOW

Location: Portland
Website: projectaccessnow.org
Oregon employees: 40 | Score: 591.79
Family and work-life balance are valued at this nonprofit providing health care access to the uninsured. Staff can bring their babies to work. Trainings and skills development are encouraged too. “Employees are valued on multiple levels, which makes it a pleasure to work here,” says one happy staffer.

16. Forth

Location: Portland
Website: forthmobility.org
Oregon employees: 20 | Score: 589.52
Staffers have access to electric cars and bikes for both work and leisure at this organization that advocates for increased use of electric vehicles and shared mobility. Opportunities for employees to learn new skills and pursue interests contribute to the feeling of well-being. Monthly team-building events are popular too.

17. Sponsors

Location: Eugene
Website: sponsorsinc.org
Oregon employees: 46 | Score: 587.81
This 45-year-old nonprofit has raised the bar for what it means to provide reentry services to people with conviction histories. Employees will also find a warm and supportive staff environment. “When my husband got sick, they all came and brought us meals for a whole week,” says one.

18. Jackson Street Youth Services

Location: Corvallis
Website: jacksonstreet.org
Oregon employees: 39 | Score: 585.15
“We work hard to support youth and end homelessness,” says one employee, noting the group’s healthy and diverse work environment. This homeless-youth nonprofit offers flexible schedules, retirement savings and health and dental insurance.

19. Centro Latino Americano

Location: Eugene
Website: centrolatinoamericano.org
Oregon employees: 21 | Score: 584.52
“Cohesive teamwork” and “contagious energy” are present at this bilingual, multicultural agency serving Latino families in Lane County. “There is a great sense of community among the staff and clients,” says one employee. “Everyone greets each other and checks in on each other’s well-being.”

20. Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity

Location: Medford
Website: roguevalleyhabitat.org
Oregon employees: 21 | Score: 580.72
This homebuilding nonprofit provides rehabilitation and home preservation. The organization advocates for fair housing policies and helps families find shelter and support. Staff enjoy a diverse workplace and dedicated co-workers who “want to make a difference but also like to have fun.”

21. Community Warehouse

Location: Portland
Website: communitywarehouse.org
Oregon employees: 30 | Score: 579.63
This secondhand furniture store offers “inspiring and supportive leadership that encourages open communication and risk-taking.” Employees enjoy generous benefits, including 80 hours’ paid time off a year. “They are all about the employee,” one worker says.

22. Abilitree

Location: Bend
Website: abilitree.org
Oregon employees: 32 | Score: 579.37
Offering support to people with disabilities to live productive and independent lives, the organization also supports its own employees. “Work-life balance is a top priority,” says one employee. “I feel supported in my job and like I can get the help I need when needed.”

23. The Freshwater Trust

Location: Portland
Website: thefreshwatertrust.org
Oregon employees: 31 | Score: 575.69
This environmental nonprofit endeavors to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems. The trust gives employees the tools to “grow individually and as a team, thereby making even greater contributions to the shared mission.” The organization offers “excellent” flexibility and a generous paid time off package.

24. Cat Adoption Team

Location: Sherwood
Website: catadoptionteam.org
Oregon employees: 37 | Score: 570.46
This cat adoption nonprofit’s primary focus is the well-being of animals and finding homes for them. “Even on stressful days, I go home feeling good,” says one employee. “The leadership is smart, collaborative and supportive.” Employees are give freedom to take the initative to make improvements.

25. Bethlehem Inn

Location: Bend
Website: bethleheminn.org
Oregon employees: 28 | Score: 568.15
This Central Oregon nondenominational organization offers support to the homeless. The shelter has “a warm, approachable management team” and offers employees the freedom to self-manage and innovate. “Our staff is constantly trying to improve on its standards for best practices,” says one employee.

26. College Dreams

Location: Grants Pass
Website: collegedreams.org
Oregon employees: 22 | Score: 565.61
The organization is dedicated to providing opportunity and preparation for low-income youth to attend college. In addition to making an impact, the nonprofit allows employees “flexibility, ample PTO, great benefits and most importantly terrific co-workers,” as well as the ability to make lasting change in the lives of students.

27. Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Location: Portland
Website: jvcnorthwest.org
Oregon employees: 21 | Score: 563.35
Connecting individuals with yearlong service organizations, this nonprofit offers flexibility for family commitments and generous benefits, including a retirement package. “They are trying to make our organization more equitable,” says one employee, noting also a commitment to the planet.

28. Coastal Home Health & Hospice

Location: Brookings
Website: coastalhhh.org
Oregon employees: 32 | Score: 563.31
This elder-care nonprofit offers a holistic approach to end-of-life care, as well as health care needs of the elder community. The organization seeks to foster “a sense of inclusiveness to provide care for all, and take due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights and traditions of others.”

29. Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Location: Portland
Website: apano.org
Oregon employees: 30 | Score: 561.68
This grassroots social justice organization provides community organizing to serve the needs of Asians and Pacific Islanders. “I appreciate the frequent check-ins we have with teams and one-on-ones,” one employee says. “Everyone is super knowledgeable, good at what they do and loves to help you learn more!”

30. Care Partners Hospice and Palliative

Location: Hillsboro
Website: carepartnersor.org
Oregon employees: 49 | Score: 556.03
This nonprofit hospice provides care to people with a range of serious illnesses, and has leaders who listen. “We provide many opportunities for internships in many fields,” says one employee. “This helps to advance the quality of professionals who will work in the greater hospice and medical communities.”

31. Forward Stride

Location: Beaverton
Website: forwardstride.org
Oregon employees: 31 | Score: 550.82
The nonprofit provides restorative therapy through horseback-riding activities. Employees can enjoy flexibility and work-life balance. One mother writes: “I came back after four months of maternity leave. We were able to work out a new schedule.”

32. DPI Group (formerly DePaul Industries)

Location: Portland
Website: thedpigroup.com
Oregon employees: 45 | Score: 548.51
This nonprofit creates job opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. DPI offers a flexible, innovative work environment, as well as good leadership. “The CEO is more involved in all operations than any CEO I have ever worked with. He is always willing to assist in any way he can.”

33. Raphael House of Portland

Location: Portland
Website: raphaelhouse.com
Oregon employees: 44 | Score: 546.14
“RH has a special way of making staff feel like they are family,” says one employee of this organization supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The organization offers employees generous and flexible paid time off and responds well to employee feedback.

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Location: Portland
Website: nten.org
Oregon employees: 11 | Score: 633.46
This technology education and employment services nonprofit is, according to one employee, “truly walking the talk” by giving its employees generous benefits, including professional development trainings, while focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion. “It’s the type of place you don’t dread going to on a Monday morning.”

2. Amani Center

Location: St. Helens
Website: amanicenter.org
Oregon employees: 10 | Score: 630.72
“The co-workers, the work we do and the impact we can have in the community” are the main reasons to work for this child abuse prevention nonprofit, says one staffer. “We support each other professionally and personally, and take time to know each other outside of our functions in the workplace,” says another.

3. CASA of Jackson and Josephine Counties

Location: Medford
Website: jacksoncountycasa.org
Oregon employees: 18 | Score: 629.26
“I absolutely, unequivocally love my job,” one employee says of this nonprofit, which acts as the first and last line of legal defense for foster children. Workers enjoy the organization’s “strong values around employee wellness and happiness,” as well as its leadership and community. “We’re not employees, we’re family.”

4. Bridge Meadows

Location: Portland
Website: bridgemeadows.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score: 616.47
“We’re a small but mighty team!” says one employee of this intergenerational community-living nonprofit. Employees cite the “family-first” culture as a big perk. “I know that if my child or elderly parent needs me, I am supported at work to take care of my family and myself,” says another staffer.

5. ROSE Community Development

Location: Portland
Website: rosecdc.org
Oregon employees: 10 | Score: 613.63
This nonprofit is dedicated to revitalizing Southeast Portland neighborhoods through affordable housing, resident services and community programs for children as well as adults. Employees cite the organization’s “flexible schedules” and “receptive management” as key drivers of satisfaction.

6. CASA of Clackamas County

Location: Oregon City
Website: casa-cc.org
Oregon employees: 10 | Score: 610.69
Employees of this organization representing children in foster care praise the organization’s “culture of respect and trust,” as well as flexible work options. Full-time employees can work remotely one day a week, and work schedules are flexible.

7. Child Care Development Services

Location: Gresham
Website: ccdsmetro.org
Oregon employees: 14 | Score: 609.76
Employees at this childcare nonprofit credit the organization’s “supportive atmosphere” and “caring management” as reasons to work for the organization. “This is hands-down the best company I have ever had the pleasure of working for,” says one employee. “I plan on being here a very long time.”

8. Western Energy Institute

Location: Portland
Website: westernenergy.org
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 609.76
Paid time off, as well as flexible work hours, telecommuting, “gracious benefits,” and a supportive, team-based work environment are all reasons to work for this nonprofit, which seeks to “fuel” connections and best practices within the energy sector.

9. BRING Recycling

Location: Eugene
Website: bringrecycling.org
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 609.05
This longstanding recycling and reuse nonprofit aims to create less waste in the Eugene-Springfield community. It offers “fantastic benefits,” including FSA contributions. Employees also cite the strong commitment to sustainability practices as a reason to work there.

10. Good Neighbor Center

Location: Tigard
Website: goodneighborcenter.org
Oregon employees: 11 | Score: 607.94
This Tigard-based nonprofit provides emergency housing and support to families in need. The organization regularly employs people with disabilities, and employees cite flexible hours and a supportive workforce as benefits. “Everyone goes out of their way to try to help everyone succeed and get where they want to go.”

11. Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Southern Oregon

Location: Medford
Website: improvedcredit.org
Oregon employees: 10 | Score: 607.25
This debt-relief nonprofit is, according to one employee, “a pleasant place to work with friendly professional co-workers and volunteers.” The organization helps those who can’t afford to pay their bills through the Oregon Money Management Program.

12. CASA of Lane County

Location: Springfield
Website: casa-lane.org
Oregon employees: 18 | Score: 605.85
According to one employee at this organization serving the needs of foster children, this “extremely family-friendly” nonprofit allows staffers to “put children and family first.” This includes a policy of allowing workers to bring children to work and adjusting schedules to fit family obligations.

13. Wild Salmon Center

Location: Portland
Website: wildsalmoncenter.org
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 605.76
Employees at this wild salmon conservation nonprofit praise the work-life balance perks, such as paid leave and work-from-home options, as well as supportive management and professional growth opportunities. “Being able to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world doesn’t hurt either,” says one employee.

14. Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors

Location: Portland
Website: ecologyoutdoors.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score: 600.98
This environmental nonprofit educates children about ecology. “The staff understands and has a passion for the mission,” says one employee, who praises managers for fostering a culture where employees are not afraid to express their opinions, as well as always “working to improve compensation and benefits.”

15. Cascade Employers Association

Location: Salem
Website: cascadeemployers.com
Oregon employees: 19 | Score: 598.51
According to a staffer of this nonprofit dedicated to helping employers, the management places emphasis on fun and positive recognition, while offering a generous work-life balance. “In times of family need, there is never a question that family comes first.”

16. Growing Gardens

Location: Portland
Website: growing-gardens.org
Oregon employees: 14 | Score: 595.55
Providing long-term support to underserved communities by growing food directly, employees of this nonprofit enjoy “generous benefits and great work-life balance,” according to one employee. Recently installed standing desks go down well too.

17. The Dougy Center

Location: Portland
Website: dougy.org
Oregon employees: 18 | Score: 594.43
Providing grief support to children and families, employees say the mission always remains at the heart of all decisions made in the organization. “Our structure creates crossover between all departments, so we collaborate daily, making for a cohesive team working together toward fulfilling our mission.”

18. Rural Development Initiatives

Location: Eugene
Website: rdiinc.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score: 591.07
This nonprofit that works to improve economic opportunities in rural communities allows employees to “expand their professional boundaries by exploring new projects, programs and partners.” One staff member praises the “culture of innovation” present at the group.

19. All Hands Raised

Location: Portland
Website: allhandsraised.org
Oregon employees: 14 | Score: 588.68
“The work culture of collaboration, integrity, honesty and accountability is a breath of fresh air,” says one employee of this childhood education nonprofit. “We don’t stay stuck on problems, we stay stuck on finding solutions. We are not afraid to fail and we own our mistakes.”

20. The ALS Association Oregon and SW Washington Chapter

Location: Portland
Website: alsoregon.org
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 586.60
This nonprofit is dedicated to the mission of eradicating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as motor neurone disease. “The leadership always looks for ways to improve service delivery and growth for the organization,” one employee says. “The communication has improved over time, even with a growing staff.”

21. Sisters of the Road

Location: Portland
Website: sistersoftheroad.org
Oregon employees: 14 | Score: 583.58
This cafe provides homeless individuals a place to eat and work in safety and comfort. Staff members cite the personable work environment and dedication of the employees, as well as the use of space and an “organizing hub for unhoused folks to build power and autonomy in their community.”

22. Community Energy Project

Location: Portland
Website: communityenergyproject.org
Oregon employees: 13 | Score: 582.17
This organization provides heat and electricity to low-income families and people with disabilities. “This enables our clients to save money on energy cost while cutting carbon emissions. This is such a win-win.” Staff members cite flexibility as a lure of working for the nonprofit, as well as leadership with a “strong moral compass.”

23. HomePlate Youth Services

Location: Beaverton
Website: homeplateyouth.org
Oregon employees: 13 | Score: 579.33
This nonprofit provides support for homeless youth. In addition to having an impact on young people’s lives, HomePlate has “a great focus on providing professional and personal development opportunities for staff.” This includes monthly consultations, as well as a commitment to work-life balance.

24. With Love

Location: Tigard
Website: withloveoregon.org
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 578.83
This organization provides support for foster families, including donating clothes, shoes and toys. Its founder “walks the walk” by being a foster parent. “Everyone at With Love is supported and heard. They work hard to provide the most tangible items for foster families and little ones in foster care,” says one employee.

25. CityTeam Portland

Location: Portland
Website: cityteam.org/portland
Oregon employees: 10 | Score: 574.22
Employees of this organization provide aid to those struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction. Staffers enjoy a casual atmosphere, a great workplace culture and being “spoiled with free meals, snacks, coffee.” And, according to one employee, “we work in one of the coolest parts of town.”

26. Youth 71Five Ministries

Location: Medford
Website: 71five.org
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 574.00
One employee commends strong leadership at this youth-mentoring nonprofit. Workers can expect a strong commitment to excellence, as well as a firm commitment to Christian ideals of hope. “We are like family,” says one employee.

27. Oregon Wild

Location: Portland
Website: oregonwild.org
Oregon employees: 14 | Score: 573.65
“Oregon Wild is one of the most effective organizations that stays true to its mission in the environmental field in Oregon,” says one employee. Workers will find a flat hierarchy and a commitment to excellence. “The thing that really sets Oregon Wild apart from other groups in our sector is our ever-growing track record of success.”

28. Green Electronics Council

Location: Portland
Website: greenelectronicscouncil.org
Oregon employees: 16 | Score: 572.68
“It’s an honor to be able to work with such dedicated individuals for such an important cause,” says an employee of this sustainable IT nonprofit. “I also like that there is a great deal of flexibility to help accommodate family needs.” Workers also cite “great managers” and “supportive teams.”

29. Social Venture Partners Portland

Location: Portland
Website: svpportland.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score: 571.45
Employees at this philanthropic nonprofit will find ample career development. Workers receive “support professionally and personally for work-life balance, health and well-being, and career advancement opportunities.” Another employee praises the “small, nimble and highly collaborative team.”

30. The Cupcake Girls Portland

Location: Portland
Website: thecupcakegirls.org
Oregon employees: 13 | Score: 569.80
An organization providing support for adult entertainers and those who have been domestically sex trafficked, The Cupcake Girls are “sex positive, caring and the only organization that does what we do without an agenda.” Employees praise the inclusive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

31. WorldOregon

Location: Portland
Website: worldoregon.org
Oregon employees: 12 | Score: 567.79
This organization’s mission is to deepen Oregonians’ understanding of international affairs. Employees praise the “dynamic, engaging and exciting” work done by the nonprofit, as well as the diverse, multicultural atmosphere. A generous benefit plan is also popular.

32. Volunteers in Medicine Clinic

Location: Springfield
Website: vim-clinic.org
Oregon employees: 15 | Score: 567.53
Providing medical attention to vulnerable populations, employees heap praise on the executive director for their passion and “angelic heart,” as well as the impact the organization has. “I have seen people literally saved by being seen at our clinic,” says one employee. “I am blessed to be a part of this organization.”

33. Store to Door

Location: Portland
Website: storetodooroforegon.org
Oregon employees: 17 | Score: 562.46
This organization helps the elderly maintain their independence by providing food assistance. Employees will find a flexible schedule and “plenty of fun at the office,” while maintaining effective service practices. Employees also note strong funding that supports the organization.

For a more detailed version of the list, including links to each company’s job/career pages, click here