Powerlist: Charitable foundations

Joan McGuire

A list of the largest foundations in Oregon.

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FOUNDATIONSRanked by total assets
1Oregon Community Foundation$1.7B
2Ford Family Foundation$828.5M
3Meyer Memorial Trust$748.9M
4The Lemelson Foundation$358.6M
5Knight Foundation$278.5M
6Collins Foundation$220.3M
7James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation$149.4M
8Maybelle Clark MacDonald Fund$131.2M
9James and Shirley Rippey Family Foundation$78.2M
10Vibrant Village Foundation$71.6M
11Pamplin Foundation$54.5M
12Cambia Health Foundation$52.5M
13Harold & Arlene Schnitzer Care Foundation$46.5M
14Pacificorp Foundation$44.3M
15Reser Family Foundation$42.8M
16Tykeson Family Charitable Trust$41.9M
17Johnson Charitable Trust$36.6M
18Faith Foundation$36.1M
19B.P. Lester & Regina John Foundation$33.6M
20Bill Healy Foundation$33.4M
21Yarg Foundation$33.2M
22Sanders Family Foundation$32.7M
23Carrico Family Foundation$32.5M
24Clark Foundation$30.7M
25The Lightfoot Foundation$27.7M
26Ann and Bill Swindells Charitable Trust$25.9M
27Intel Foundation$25.1M
28Clemens Foundation$23.9M
29PFE Foundation$23.5M
30Kinsman Foundation$21.M
Disclaimer: This list is compiled of primarily private, non-operating foundations