Highlights from our 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon awards

Jason E. Kaplan

On the evening of October 4, we honored the 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon at the Sentinel Hotel, Portland. (Photos by Jason E. Kaplan)

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We kicked off the evening with a reception. 

Then our host, Oregon Public Broadcasting‘s Geoff Norcross addressed his fellow nonprofit leaders. 

Lilisa Hall of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon offered attendees reassurance in the wake of federal tax changes that may slash nonprofit donations. “Now more than ever be proactive,” she said. “Make it easy for donors to give.”

Read more on our coverage of the tax law’s impact on nonprofits here. 

Deaf musician and entreprenuer Myles de Bastion transformed sound into light. His audiovisual compositions aim to make music more accessible to people who are hard of hearing. De Bastion was featured in the September issue of the magazine. 

mylesMyles de Bastion

Kim Moore, editor of Oregon Business, moderated a panel discussion on how nonprofits can better tap business money – both new and old. The panel featured Tom Kelly, president of sustainable design build firm Neil Kelly, and Heidi Khokhar, executive director of Rural Development Inititatives. Kelly advised nonprofits looking for cash to build connections with employees who can then influence descision makers. He said, “Don’t just call the CEO.” 

Khokhar described an environmental, cultural and economic turning point for nonprofits. “Because we’re going through a common struggle in this country,” she said, “we have opportunities to support one another.”


Finally, we handed out the trophies. Here are the top 10 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon. 


3: Bonneville Environmental Foundation

2: Clackamas Workforce Partnership

1: CASA of Jackson County

CASAofJacksonCountyEmployees of CASA of Jackson County


3: Portland Homeless Family Solutions

2: Creative Supports

1: Children’s Center



4: Pathway Enterprises

3: Adelante Mujeres

2: Rainbow Adult Living

1: Self Enhancement, Inc.


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