Moovel NA to become part of new Daimler/BMW joint venture

Nat Parker, CEO, moovel NA (archive)

The BMW Group and Daimler AG announced an ambitious plan yesterday to combine their existing on-demand transportation services.

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Daimler’s mobility services subsidiary, moovel NA, headquartered in Portland, will be a part of the new joint venture.

“By combining forces, we’ll be able to offer a broader mobility solution across five key verticals, including charging, parking, ride-hailing, carsharing and multimodal,” moovel spokesperson Laura Modjeski said in an email.

“The five verticals will enable moovel to deliver a more comprehensive toolset to help advance urban mobility in cities worldwide.”

Modjeski said the venture will not impact moovel’s Old Town office. “We’ll continue to operate as business as usual, and our North American headquarters will remain in the same location. We’re excited about what’s to come under this new partnership.”

Moovel CEO Nat Parker was the subject of our February issue cover story.  In that profile, Parker discussed a future in which cars no longer serve as private vehicles but instead form part of a broader public transportation network.  

The new joint venture, between two iconic auto companies and competitors, mirrors that evolution.

The partnership will also help Daimler and the BMW Group compete against Uber and other tech-transport companies that are rapidly colonizing the “urban mobility” space.

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