The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon turns 25

In 1994, the same year Netscape Communications launched the first commercially available web browser, Oregon Business debuted the 100 Best companies to work for in Oregon, a landmark tool for measuring workplace satisfaction in Oregon.

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Last night we celebrated the project’s 25th anniversary. And what a party it was.


“Companies that make the list year after year have one thing in common,” said research editor Kim Moore. “They listen to the employee feedback and make changes.”


Oregon Business editor Linda Baker moderated a panel discussion with representatives of four veteran 100 Best companies: Tec Labs, R&H Construction, NW Staffing and Vernier Software. Panelists agreed acting on the survey results was the key to their consistent success.  “We’re always going back and making some change,” said Jennie Taylor. “And it’s made a difference.”


Mark Johnson, president of the newly formed Oregon Business & Industry association, praised the 100 Best companies. “Oregon businesses are ready to lead,” he said. 


Companies that have been on the 100 Best list for ten years were inducted into the Hall of Fame. The 2018 Hall of Famers: Perkins Coie, Mortgage Trust, Cardinal Services, Kidder Matthews, Davidson Benefits Planning and Madden Industrial Craftsmen.




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The improv group Comedy Sportz squeezed the names of all 100 of the best companies to work for in Oregon into an Olympics gold medal interview, funky dance moves and a classical music piece.


The evening culminated with the much-anticipated announcement of the top 10 companies.

Here is the list of the top three Best Small Companies to work for in Oregon: 

Barran Liebman employees accept their award

1. Barran Liebman


3. SkyOak Financial

Here are the top four Best Medium-sized companies to work for in Oregon:

TTR accepts its award

1. TTR

2. Boly:Welch

3. Tec Labs

4. Evergreen Consulting Group

And last but not least, the top 3 best large companies to work for in Oregon:

Crystal Greens Landscaping receives its award

1. Crystal Greens Landscaping

2. Walsh Construction

3. Rogue Credit Union