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A roundup of recent articles on OB.com. Plus, we scoop the Times.

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The latest issue of the New York Times magazine features an article about the public lands revolt in Eastern Oregon. The story, written by a Columbia University professor raised in Tumalo, covered territory that by now is familiar to most Oregonians: rural communities fighting regulations restricting private use of federal lands.  Oregon Business writer Tim Neville reported on the coordination battle in this in-depth article last spring.

Speaking of trumping the Times, I’m  pleased to say that research editor Kim Moore broke this story about the massive amounts of electricity consumed by Bitcoin mining. The Times published  an article about the same topic in its Monday print edition. 

Continuing the Bitcoin theme…Reporter Caleb Diehl has this story about MBA programs considering coursework on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, the software architecture that encrypts and records digital currency transactions. 

Caleb also chronicles the travails electric vehicle drivers face trying to charge their vehicles. The charging market is controlled by a hodgpodge of startups, each of which requires a separate app and credit card. Thankfully, help is on the way, as the utilities are now looking to play a bigger role in simplifying and streamlining the hard-charging industry.

The leaders of Oregon Business and Industry and Oregon Business Alliance for Climate squared off in a pair of for and against op eds about the cap and invest bill that will be on the docket when the 2018 Legislative session gets underway next week.

Sad news: I just learned Ursula LeGuin passed away.  It’s been a hard month for Oregon. Last month we lost an iconic political leader (Vera Katz), and now an iconic literary figure is gone.

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