Home Base: Logan Padget

Photos by | Jason Kaplan
Logan Padget, Padget's Ranches

Grass Valley farmer Logan Padget, 27, describes the ins and outs of his agricultural workspace. [This feature is one in an occasional series profiling Oregonians through the lens of their home offices.]

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A farmer’s office is the great outdoors. But every so often paperwork and a desk beckon.  (Check out the video clip of Padget that appears at the end of the write-up.)

Out on the Farm

Padget’s Ranches, Grass Valley: Certified by the Oregon Farm Bureau as an Oregon Century Farm that has been in the same family for 100 years 

“The farm came down from my grandma’s side. She was an only child, and tradition said women can’t be farmers. My grandpa was the youngest of six, so he wasn’t going to get the farm he grew up on. So he married Grandma and started farming.”

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“We raise wheat, a couple of cattle, and that’s about it, because there’s not enough moisture to grow anything else. We grow soft white wheat for seed production. Everything we raise is replanted by other farmers.”

“The things I love most about farming are working outside, knowing what I do helps feed the world, and how everything changes from year to year.”

“Outside my front door, the wheat field thatches up and touches my yard. I’m 2 miles from my parents and 4 miles from farm headquarters, where my grand-parents live. My dad, Darren, farms; my grandfather, Dale, farms.”

In the Office

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“I’m a bachelor. The office occupies one of my spare bedrooms.”


This [image] of the wolf howling at the moon was hanging in my room when I was growing up.”


“The airplane is a model of a spray plane that my dad gave me when I was growing up. I play with the big tractors now, not the little ones.”

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A member of OFB’s Young Farmers and Ranchers committee, Padget helps “connect farmers and ranchers to the public. We also get the new generation interested and involved with agriculture.”

“I spend the most time here during tax season and when I’m getting my financial information in order for farm credit, operating loans. I’d rather spend time in the field.”

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“I hunt every year for deer and elk, and hope to hunt bighorn sheep if I ever get lucky enough to draw a tag.”