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Photo credit: City of Portland

Portland approves water filtration facility and Bend settles with sewage treatment plant contractor. Plus, stop the presses: Portland traffic is getting worse, ODOT says.

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Portland moves ahead with $500 million water filtration plant. The council unanimously voted to build a plant for treating the city’s water for cryptosporidium. The decision comes just two days after the Oregon Health Authority granted the city a 60-day deadline extension. OPB has more.

OB original blog: Ball’s in (appeals) court. The city of Portland aims to overturn the land use board’s ruling on the fossil fuel terminal ban.

Bend approves additional settlement in contractor dispute. The council will pay up to $2.89 million to settle a lawsuit with Apollo Inc. Apollo was hired to expand Bend’s sewage treatment plant in 2013. The Bend Bulletin has the story.

Stop the presses: Portland traffic sucks. A new report from the Oregon Department of Transportation shows bumper to bumper traffic is no longer confined to rush hour. What’s more: Traffic congestion is worsening, ODOT says. The Oregonian has more.

OB original blog: No sweat: Why light rail doesn’t buckle in cities far hotter than Portland. Cooling technology keeps systems in other cities from breaking down during hot weather.

CH2M sells for $2.85 billion. Jacobs Engineering Group acquired the Corvallis-born firm, which is now headquartered on Colorado. The deal is expected to boost Jacobs’ share of global infrastructure and government services contracts. The Oregonian has more.

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