Morning roundup

Disconnect exposed between transportation bills and environmental objectives, Humm Kombucha lands institutional investor and hospital association leader nets Medicaid funding.

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Critics spotlight deficiencies in transportation bills

The transit labor group  Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757 says the legislature’s proposed multibillion dollar transportation package does not include enough money for bus projects, the Oregonian reports.  Meanwhile, the Portland Bureau of Transportation says a subway under downtown Portland is a possibility — but not for 30 or 40 years.

Gov. Kate Brown continues to hype the state’s climate leadership.  But as Jonathan Maus of points out, Oregon’s global warming leadership is at odds with the proposed transportation package, which would widen freeways and boost automobile generated greenhouse gas emissions.

A similar disconnect is emerging around diesel pollution.  Special interests derailed a bill that would have banned businesses from purchasing diesel engines dumped by states that have stricter diesel standards.  The Oregonian editorial board weighs in.

From the magazine:  Oregon’s two biggest business associations are merging.  But the alliance paradoxically exposes divisions in the increasingly fragmented for-profit sector. Gordon Oliver reports.

OB original blog:  As cannabis industry grows, tensions rise over energy use.  Kim Moore has the story.

Humm Kombucha continues to ferment change.  

The Portland Business Journal reports that the Bend-based brand has raised over $1 million in a new Series B fundraising round led by Velocity Made Good (VMG) Partners.  Read our February 2017 profile of Humm K here.

CEO of Oregon Hospital association lands Medicaid windfall.

A private nonprofit and its CEO are being rewarded from a program for the state’s poorest citizens. Willamette Week reports.