Farmers bet on Trump as cash cow

Oregon farmers supported Trump in large numbers. After the release of the president’s proposed 2018 budget — which cuts USDA programs by $230 billion over the next decade — are they still so enamored?

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It’s no secret that farmers came out in big numbers for President Trump.

One poll found that 55.4% percent of U.S. farmers with operations more than 200 acres planned to vote for him, versus 18% who planned to vote for Hillary Clinton. In Oregon Trump won up to 72% of the vote in rural farming areas like Baker, Lake and Malheur Counties.

I recently caught up with two cattle ranchers and a wheat farmer. On the following pages, they talk about onerous government regulations, why the 45th president might be good for agriculture — and why they’re worried about proposed cuts to federal farm support programs.

A Cattle Rancher Bent on a Free Market

In Eastern Oregon, Tension with Salmon Protection 

A Wheat Grower Who Wants Fewer Regs

Support for Trump Comes with Reservations