PDX bike plan moves forward

Portland city planners are close to agreeing on projects in conjunction with the new Bicycle Plan for 2030.

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The Bureau of Environmental Services and the Portland Bureau of Transportation are collaborating on “green street” improvements as part of the city’s new Bicycle Plan for 2030.

The agencies are close to signing agreements about which streets to work on.

Discussions are focusing on spending nearly $7 million this fiscal year to add stormwater management and safety features to streets in parts of North, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest Portland. Some of these upgrades – such as curb extensions that enclose bioswales – discourage motor vehicle traffic and make streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

“We started out by looking for those elusive two-fers – projects we were already planning on doing anyway that we could do together. That way you don’t have one agency tear up a street for something, and then have another agency come in and tear it up again later,” Lear says.

Read more at the Portland Tribune.

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