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Donald Trump sworn in as 45th President, how local execs are spending inauguration day and state budget is looking grim.

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Donald Trump is now 45th president of the United States. At precisely 9 a.m. Pacific Time, was updated with a photo of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, the POTUS Twitter account was wiped clean. The account, which has zero tweets — for now —  features a photo of Trump.


1. Protesters gear up for a big weekend

Oregon is expected to respond with protests today across the state, from the coast and southern Oregon to downtown Portland. Even Rep. Earl Blumenauer is encouraging his constituents to resist, Willamette Week reports.

Tomorrow, Women’s Marches are scheduled in more than 600 cities across the nation, including at least 16 in Oregon cities.

Businesses in Portland have begun preparing for protests that have prompted TriMet to suspend its service this afternoon.

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3. State budget grim without additional revenue

Gov. Kate Brown’s proposed budget relied on lawmakers agreeing on new revenue measures. Budget-writers at the Legislature released a proposal that shows what the budget will look like without that new revenue, the Statesman Journal reports. The budget includes cuts to education funding and reductions to the Medicaid program, to start. The writers of the proposal say they don’t want it to be adopted, but instead hope the bleak forecast will encourage legislators to work together and approve new revenue.  

4. Bill filed to prevent employers from firing employees for marijuana use off-the-clock 

The bill is essentially a copy of an old bill that protects tobacco users from being fired for their smoking habit, the Bend Bulletin reports. If approved, the bill would override a state Supreme Court decision that says employers don’t need to accommodate legal marijuana use off the job and can use positive drug test results as cause for termination. 

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6. Nike opens another modern store, this time in Miami

The shoe giant is making a concerted effort to increase its revenues from direct sales. To accomplish that goal, Nike has opened two next-generation stores featuring one-on-one consultants and a space to test products, the Portland Business Journal reports. The first was in Manhattan. The second 31,000-square-foot shop is in Miami.

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