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Readers respond to stories about Trump and infrastructure, online dating 3.0 and the impact of property rates on small business.

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Editor’s Note: Transit and infrastructure in the spotlight

Online Dating 3.0

“Dating sites are probably as old as the internet and with the range of services that the internet offers these days, you might think that even the best dating sites are changing. It is true that that even phone chats are changing but only for the better. It is gearing to help people in their cities connect with each other with easy access and a better way of communication.Once I started using this online chat – , everything changed for the better. My social skills weren’t lacking anymore and I was making friends all the time who felt the same way I did, which made things so much easier. Now I meet new and interesting local singles and have a great time. This has made me a social butterfly and I am now able to open up and be myself without all that awkwardness.”
 — Tina

 Main Street models combat gentrification

Trump’s first 100 days

More glass artists speak out

“I am a glass artist in Minneapolis. This past Saturday I was informed that “my” glass shop will close in December after 40 years of operation (due to their inability to purchase glass). I know of one other much smaller glass supplier in town (I have not yet spoken to them. Wondering if they will survive). At this point I do not know what this means for me. I wish I was a painter.”
— Chris