Crabbers OK test buoys

Oregon fishermen sign an agreement supporting a wave energy farm in a popular crabbing hole.

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Oregon fishermen signed an agreement supporting a wave energy farm that would close off access in a popular crabbing hole.

Though they fishermen are cautious about the plan for 19 test buoys, they feel supporting the plan will give them access to keep an eye on the project as it progresses.

Oregon’s commercial fishing industry brings in approximately $100 million per year, an amount no wave-energy farm will be able to generate for some time, said [Nick] Furman, executive director of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission. But soon there will be one less crabbing hole for fishermen to access, and that’s hard for everyone to swallow.

“The buoy technology is not compatible with crab fishing because the buoys need bottom contact and so do crab pods,” Furman said. “Different fisheries have shared this area for decades. This is the first time parts of the ocean would be fenced off with a sign that says, ‘Do not enter.’ ”

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