News release: Consano launches new medical research crowdfunding platform

Consano, a nonprofit we featured in July 2014 as part of an awardingwinning story on privately-funded medical research, is launching a new crowdfunding website.  Read the release here.

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Consano unveils a fresh look and new website to improve its online medical crowdfunding platform—one that empowers donors to directly support innovative medical research projects that matter to them. The Portland-based, national nonprofit’s new slogan, “Donate to Heal,” is inspired by founder Molly Lindquist, who celebrates the five-year anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis this October.

“I can’t control my cellular makeup, but I can control my story,” says Lindquist. “Consano empowers survivors, friends and families to take back control and join forces in the fight against cancer and disease, equipping them with the tools to make a difference. Donors fund research that will
lead to better treatments—and hopefully cures. But they also donate to heal themselves and their communities.”

Consano connects donors directly with medical researchers from a variety of academic institutions and specialties, enabling them to advance progress in health issues that matter to them. Donors receive ongoing updates from researchers so they can see exactly how their money is moving medical research forward.

In conjunction with its rebrand, Consano launches Honor Funds, which makes it possible for donors to honor the life or memory of a loved one by sharing their story and donating to medical research that can make a difference in someone else’s life.

Unlike most large, disease-specific organizations, Consano takes no percentage of project donations to support company overhead, so all project donations go directly to the project a donor chooses, giving complete transparency.

Since its launch, Consano has raised nearly $700,000 in donations and launched 40 research projects in 28 unique health categories ranging from pediatric brain cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer to diabetes, transverse myelitis and mental health.

All projects undergo a thorough vetting process from Consano’s Scientific Advisory Board to ensure the research is legitimate, feasible and has the potential to lead to improvements in patient care. The Board is made up of clinicians, researchers and patient advocates.