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Readers respond to Editor Linda Baker’s reflections on the South and columnist Matt Alford’s call for new sources of ODFW funding.

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Editor’s Notes: Southern comforts

“I love your descriptive experience. I’m reminded of the time I brought by Oregon-born-and-raised fiance to Houston for a visit to consider living in Texas. She said she couldn’t breathe. So, here I am 12 years later, still in Oregon. I spent some time in Atlanta earlier this year and Jackson, MS last year, so your comment about the heat made me laugh. Yep. heat and humidity. I’m a native Houstonian and accustomed to tropics-style weather. But, I do recall thinking I have to give my kids more experiences in a much more diverse environment than southern Oregon. I thought that while visiting Atlanta, seated in a restaurant surrounded by diverse patrons. I really loved the food.”
— Mike Green, cofounder Scale Up Partners

Outdoor enthusiasts should put their money where their mouth is — and help pay fish & wildlife tab

“As a wildlife photographer, I like to think I pay my fair share. I have voluntarily purchased a Sports Pac for the last three years and a Federal Duck Stamp. I have also invested in yearly access passes for various areas. While many don’t, I feel that if the ODFW provided a Conservation Pac for those who do not wish to hunt they might get some takers. As a Conservation Pac holder I am sure people would expect something for their money. That could be in the form of exclusive access, newsletters, wildlife alerts, hands on conservation activities and so on. Make a Conservation Pac a badge of honor as it should be. Hunters have always been and should be proud of the conservation work they have done. It’s time everyone participates in the stewardship of our resources. ODFW does good work and we need to make their efforts a priority.”
— Ben Pickett, photographer