Creditors pile on Carl Greve

Two more creditors join the involuntary bankruptcy petition against the Carl Greve jewelry company.

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Two more creditors joined the involuntary bankruptcy petition against Carl “Tim” Greve and his defunct Bridgeport Village jewelry store.

CenterCal Properties is seeking $46,355 in rent it says Greve owes after the abrupt closure of his store.

Bankruptcy code allows a creditor to push a debtor into involuntary bankruptcy if the debtor has fewer than 12 creditors. If more exist, three creditors must file. Originally, Greve’s attorney had contested the single creditor’s filing and asked the court trustee to dismiss the petition.

Integra Telecom, claiming $1,708, and Portland-based Peter Corvallis Productions, claiming $635, joined CenterCal’s petition. Greve’s lawyer did not oppose the addition of the two creditors and the case now will move along much like a voluntary bankruptcy.


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