Pumpkin puree for pets

Stahlbush Island Farms intended their organic pumpkin puree for human consumption, but are finding a huge market in dog owners.

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When Stahlbush Island Farms started producing organic pumpkin puree, they intended it to be used in soups, pies and muffins.

However, a mention of the product as a great dietary supplement for dogs on a veterinary segment of the Martha Stewart Show created a whirlwind demand for the puree from pet owners.

Farm management immediately began talking about printing new labels for the canned pumpkin and recertifying it for consumption by animals through the United States Department of Agriculture, Cozzetto said.

And by November 2009, the product was relabeled as a pet food supplement through the farm’s new Nummy Tum Tum line. It sold about 50,000 cases in its debut year to natural food stores and grocery chains. This year, however, Stahlbush Island Farms anticipates selling about 250,000 cases.

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